Tia Booth Shows Off New Man, Who Is He?

Tia Booth, Instagram

Tia Booth didn’t find love on Bachelor in Paradise. Tia started out running around naked with Kenny Braasch. It became clear he had his hands full with Demi Burnett and Mari Pepin. She then moved on to James Bonsall who is a fan favorite. The two of them liked each other, but she didn’t feel like he gave her the spark she needed. When Blake Monar hit the beach she instantly wanted to date him. A fight over him not putting in the effort had them breaking up fairly quickly.

Going back to James soon became a non-starter when Anna Redman and he hit it off. Tia had a prom make-out with Aaron Clancy, but in the end, his bromance with James Bonsall was just too strong.

Tia isn’t worried about it though. The podcast host has now shared she’s in a relationship. She revealed her boyfriend in a series of video clips and photos on her Instagram. She captioned the post, “Not gonna lie-it’s been nice keeping this to myself, but it’s about time y’all know too.”

Tia Booth, Instagram

Who Is Tia Booth’s New Man?

Being the sleuths that they are Bachelor Nation found Tia Booth’s new squeeze right away. His name is Taylor Mock and he lives in Nashville, Tennessee. He posted his own tribute to Tia on his Instagram. In both posts, the couple looks very happy together. It’s obvious their personalities mesh well and they know how to have fun.

The caption said, “It’s hard to put into words how you truly feel about someone you love. I guess I’ll keep it as simple as I’ve never felt more alive than when I’m with you.” He went on to say he had to make fun of her. The last video is just clips of her saying, “why.” His mom shared a sweet comment on the post saying, “dad [and] I couldn’t be happier for you and Tia finding each other in life.” Now that they’ve both shared their relationship, fans will get to see a lot more of Tia!

Bachelor Nation Is Thrilled For Her

Everyone in Bachelor Nation is thrilled for Tia Booth. Not much is known about Taylor yet. Fans are hoping she’ll talk about him on the podcast or if she goes on anyone else’s. Blake Horstmann said, “omg love it.” Becca Kufrin said, “we approve. Get those double dates lined up soon.”

Tia Booth, Taylor Mock, Instagram

Fans love it as well. One said, “Oh my goodness I’ve never been more excited for someone I don’t know in my life.” Another said, “I’ve been on team Tia for so long I’m just like she deserves the best guy.”

What do you think of Tia’s new love? Comment with your thoughts down below. Don’t miss Michelle Young’s journey to love on The Bachelorette, premiering Tuesday, October 19, only on ABC.

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