Cassie Randolph In Love: Brighton Reveals More Details

Cassie Randolph

Cassie Randolph met Colton Underwood as a contestant in 2019 on his season of The Bachelor. They engaged in a relationship, but it didn’t last. There was a bit of drama when Colton allegedly stalked and harassed her. Needless, to say she had a rough go of it.

Randolph received a lot of support when soon after, Colton came out as gay to the world. He explained he didn’t treat his relationship with her well because he was fighting an internal battle. Now, it seems Cassie has happily moved past all of those things and left them behind her. The former reality star started dating musician Brighton Reinhardt and his newest music is about her.

Cassie Randolph Is Serenaded By Love

Brighton mentioned Cassie Randolph influenced his music. He said, “I went through a breakup and got into a new relationship, so the songs kind of just wrote themselves.” According to US Weekly, he wrote twelve and then whittled it down to six songs.

Cassie Randolph, Instagram

When the couple filmed the music video for his song “Dreaming,” they confirmed their relationship. he said they kept things under wraps to enjoy being together alone. He said they both were nervous about filming the video, but had a great time. He shared they met six years before and then she left to film the show. Brighton said she went away for a few months and he decided to watch the show because she was his friend.

Four of the six songs are about Cassie. The other two are about an ex-girlfriend he found out was cheating by Snapchat on the Daily Mail page. He said two of his favorite songs are about her. He said, “he woke up and got a big shock.”

Cassie Randolph, Instagram

Would He Do A Reality Show With Her?

Brighton said usually it’s hard for him to write love songs, but Cassie Randolph made it super easy for him. He said they just came to him. When asked if he would do a reality show with his love, he said he’d be down. He said, “there have been some talks about some things.” He said they’re navigating what they want to do and the direction they’d like to go next.

Her fans are in full support of her relationship. One on Instagram shared all the reasons she was proud of the twenty-six-year-old. She said, “y’all are sooo cute together! I love seeing you happy, Cassie! You found love, got your degree, bought your first home, and remodeled it the way you wanted it.” Another said, “you deserve all the love and happiness in the World. You are one classy lady.” What do you think about Cassie finally being able to move on? Comment with your thoughts down below.

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