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Sharna Burgess Reveals Why She Didn’t Do Interviews After ‘DWTS’ This Week

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If you caught the latest episode of Dancing With The Stars, you saw a double elimination that resulted in two fan-favorites leaving the show. While most cast members do interviews after the episode, one couple was noticeably absent. Where were Sharna Burgess and Brian Austin Green?

Brian Austin Green and Sharna Burgess didn’t stick around to do press. But why?

Many fans felt angry that Brian Austin Green and Sharna Burgess left the competition so early. Many also assumed that the couple felt just as angry and stormed off.

However, the pair really want to set the record straight.

“I just wanted to clean something up real quick because I think this is said in a couple of press releases, we didn’t leave before press started, we did wait a good 30 minutes on the Zoom link greenroom waiting for everyone to do press,” Sharna clarified on Instagram. “But nothing came through to us, apparently there was a big mix-up with the Zoom links last night. And then we had to go to the people that were getting us out of our wigs and [makeup]. … There were people waiting for us to do that.”

“So we weren’t, like, salty and wanting to f—king storm out of there,” Brian chimed in.

“No one is salty,” Sharna went on to say.. “Everyone in the competition is absolutely amazing and we are deeply grateful for our time on it.”

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This definitely makes sense. Keep in mind that Brian and Sharna both had heavy makeup on for their pirate-themed Villains Night performance. And anyone who has used Zoom over the past two years knows that technical difficulties do happen.

Pro dancers mourn the duo’s absence

Keep in mind that the judges didn’t eliminate Brian and Sharna. They consistently received the lowest average scores, which is why they left the competition during the double-elimination. But even so, many fans feel they deserved to stay a little longer.

The other DWTS pros will definitely miss the couple.

“I think [Brian and Sharna] were just being themselves. That’s who they are and they were enjoying the moments. Whether America didn’t like it or not, I mean, that’s up to them to decide but I think they were very authentic,” Alan Bersten admitted to PageSix. “As long as they enjoyed the process and had fun with it, there should be no regret.”

Next week, Dancing With The Stars comes back with another fun themed episode. The theme for October 18 will be “Grease Night!” Even if you’re sad that Brian and Sharna won’t return, will you still tune in? Who are you rooting for to win the Mirrorball Trophy? We want to hear from you!

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