Bachelor Nation Responds To Kendall Long Owning Villain Role

Kendall Long, Instagram

Kendall Long didn’t set out to be the villain when she headed to Bachelor in Paradise. She arrived and told Joe Amabile she still loved him but she was ready to move on. It took seeing him kissing Serena Pitt and falling for her to realize she couldn’t be there with him. Then, in a move that surprised everyone, she came back before he proposed to Serena.

The move felt bizarre and a lot of fans had second-hand embarrassment for Kendall. Some had much more volatile reactions. They reacted saying she ruined a special moment for Joe and Serena. For Kendall, it was the closure she needed. She told Joe she was excited for him and Serena.

Why Did Kendall Long Become The Villain?

Kendall Long posted an Instagram post saying, “sure, I’ll be your villain…kinda has a nice ring to it.” This comes after comments on her Instagram saying, “whose ever idea it was for you to show up at the finale is crazy. So unfair to Joe. You both say you loved each other, but not enough if you two weren’t willing to move locations to be together.”

Kendall Long, Instagram

Another follower said, “did the producers force you to come back on the beach? No amount of cash would make me look that foolish over an ex.” There were comments supporting her as well. In her new Instagram post seen below, she’s licking a ring pop and posting with devil pillows. It’s a bit bizarre, but not far off of Kendall’s brand.

Bachelor Nation Weighed In On Her Role

Kendall Long shared the post and got a big response. Former villains from the franchise commented. Chris Bukowski said, “honestly, I’ve been everything and prefer being ‘the villain’ because we’re the most real. We’re human.” Thomas Jacobs said, “Just because bad guy doesn’t mean bad guy – Zangeev, Wreck-it Ralph.” He got the quote a little wrong, but he still made a good point.

Kendall Long, Instagram

Of course, there are still comments that don’t support her out there. One on her villain post said, “Why does everyone keep saying she should be the next bachelorette?? Obviously, she’s still in love with Joe. Why would she do that? You showing up on BIP and talking to Joe MULTIPLE times was so inappropriate.”

For as many negative comments there were on her Instagram, there were also several good ones. A lot of her fans want her to become the next Bachelorette.

Do you think she’s the villain or just a vulnerable human? Comment with your thoughts down below.

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