Wait! Is Tyler Cameron Dating Kim Kardashian?

Fans were thrilled to see Tyler Cameron on Saturday Night Live in a Bachelor spoof this past weekend. In the skit, he was among a group of famous suitors including Chris Rock and John Cena. Kim Kardashian played the lady looking for her “dream guy.” It was easily the most talked-about skit of the night.

The skit was full of great jokes like when after choosing John Cena, Kim said, “I don’t love that you have a wife.” The spot with Tyler wasn’t long. Kim, playing Rochelle in the skit, told him thanks for showing her his hot body. Tyler replied, “see you in the hot tub.”

Fans have been raving about Kim’s performance on the show. There were several who said they were impressed when initially they were disappointed she was hosting. They said she killed her monologue and did a great job all around.

Tyler Cameron, SNL, YouTube

Fans Think Tyler Cameron And Kim Should Date

Tyler Cameron got a huge reaction when he stepped up for his bit. He shared a picture of the skit on his social media saying, “I did a thing.” The comment section went crazy. One fan said, “you guys would make cute babies.” Another said, “you guys would quite literally make the hottest couple.”

Several fans said they shipped a romance even though the scene was super brief. Cosmo pointed out that Tyler did date Gigi Hadid who is friends with Kendall Jenner. They thought it might be possible they’ve met before. It doesn’t seem plausible for a newly single Kim to get with a Bachelor boy, but stranger things have happened.

Would They Be A Good Match?

It’s hard to know if Tyler Cameron and Kim Kardashian would be a good match. She has a lot more money than he does, and that’s obvious right away. Still, they both are in the reality television world, young, and good-looking. Tyler added a joke from the show to his post. He said, “so much fun joining Kim on her big night on SNL! Being vulnerable pays off! See you in the hot tub.”

Tyler Cameron, SNL, YouTube

His best friend Matt James said, “we love to see it.” A fan responded to another that shipped the couple and said, “I think they would make the most photographed couple. He’s the hot one without the glam squad.” According to Heavy fans on Reddit praised Tyler’s performance as well.

One said, “I think Tyler won the entire Bachelor franchise. Not the season he was on, but definitely just the entire franchise. Good for him tbh.” Another said, “this is huge! His agent needs a raise.”Do you ship Tyler and Kim as a couple? Did you watch her episode of Saturday Night Live? Comment with your thoughts down below.

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