Jeremy Roloff TERRIFIES His 35-Week Pregnant Wife With Dangerous New Hobby (VIDEO)

Jeremy and Audrey Roloff/Instagram

Audrey Roloff took to social media to share the latest stressful scare she’s dealing with amid her third pregnancy. What did her husband, Jeremy Roloff, do that absolutely TERRIFIES his pregnant wife? Keep reading, and we’ll explain.

Jeremy, Audrey Roloff to welcome third child next month

In July, Audrey and Jeremy shared a special announcement on their social media. Enlisting their kids Ember and Bode, the couple announced that another baby, the “tiebreaker” of the family, would arrive in late 2021.

We’re now just one month from Audrey’s due date. However, the extended Roloff clan will expand even more in December when Isabel and Jacob welcome their first child.

While Jacob and Isabel already know they are having a boy, Jeremy and Audrey aren’t finding out baby number three’s gender beforehand.

Audrey recently shared a pic of her “34-ish” week baby bump. She has been documenting her bump progress throughout her pregnancy.

Credit: Audrey Roloff/Instagram
Credit: Audrey Roloff/Instagram

Four-year-old Ember gives LPBW parents a scare

Once the new baby comes, Audrey and Jeremy will have three kids under the age of five. Their oldest, Ember, turned 4 in September. Bode’s second birthday will come in January 2022. Like their parents, Bode and Ember are very active.

Audrey has been sharing videos of Ember learning to ride a bike without training wheels. The tot wiped out on the bike a few weeks ago, getting a nasty gash on her face. However, she didn’t let that stop her.

Jeremy Roloff TERRIFIED pregnant wife with latest hobby

Ember and Bode’s dad picked up a new hobby that Audrey doesn’t love. She took to her Instagram Stories on September 30th to share videos of Jeremy’s latest activity.

Jeremy has taken to skateboarding. But not your typical skateboard. The adventurous Roloff appeared on a souped-up skateboard with just ONE monster wheel under the board.

In the short clip, Jeremy zooms around in the road in front of their house. Ember is riding her bike in the driveway.

Audrey jokes that Jeremy’s latest activity is stressing her out. “I’m thinking this is not the best hobby with a 35 week pregnant wife.” However, Jeremy seems to have no problem keeping his balance on the skateboard. And he’s wearing a helmet for safety.

Bode gets in on the action

While only Ember and Jeremy were in the first clip Audrey shared, Bode made his appearance in another clip. He looked on from his age-appropriate cozy coupe truck.

Credit: Audrey Roloff/Instagram
Credit: Audrey Roloff/Instagram

Do you think Jeremy Roloff should find a new hobby that doesn’t terrify his very pregnant wife? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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