Kelley Flanagan Weighs In On Ivan Hall Being Setup

Kelley Flanagan, Instagram

Kelley Flanagan has been good about being straightforward with the truth. She shared a lot about her relationship with Peter Weber and why it ended. She talked on the Here for The Right Reasons podcast and shared what she think happened with Ivan. The night took a turn. During a cliff-hanger last week Ivan told Aaron Clancy and company he wasn’t going to try and take a rose. His best bet would be someone new coming in. Then, he immediately pulled Chelsea Vaughn, lied about it, and got into a fight with Aaron.

When it returned Chelsea confronted Ivan and told him to get his facts straight because he told everyone she pulled him. The rose ceremony was about to begin and tensions were high. Wells Adams told Ivan he needed to talk to him. Once he got him away from the group he said, “is there anything you want to tell me?”

It turned out Ivan had gotten access to the room list and gone to see Alexa Caves who was supposed to be coming on the beach eventually. He did it when they were evacuated to the hotel because of a hurricane. While Wells talked to him about it everyone asked Noah Erb what happened, because he was his roommate. Noah said he went to sleep.

Kelley Flanagan Says That Was A Plant

Kelley Flanagan said, “the producers are so strict with their phones. They don’t just happen to leave a phone around.” She said whether or not it might have been a mistake, it feels like it was planted. She thinks so even more because the list of room numbers was just up on the screen. It feels like it was done on purpose. According to US Weekly, Kelley said she’s good friends with Ivan and his roommate Noah Erb. She said she started cry-laughing when Noah said he went to bed. She said it is funny and she gives Noah props for not ratting him out. Flanagan revealed as she watched last night she texted with both of them.

Kelley Flanagan, Instagram

Kelley said, “hey genius on their idea, it worked clearly.” If it wasn’t intentional she says who knows why it happened. Kelly didn’t blame Ivan for going to see a girl he liked even though it broke the rules. She said, “it’s almost kind of, like, think about when you’re sneaking out in middle school and you just get super excited.”

She Talked About The Late Arrivals

Kelley Flanagan also talked about the girls who came into the game late. She said she’s close with MyKenna Dorn. MyKenna came onto the beach and asked Aaron Clancy out. He rejected her for some reason and then Ed Waisbrot took her on the date. Kelley said, “she was amped, she was pumped.” She said MyKenna was so excited to go to the beach.

Then after being in quarantine for so long to go out when everyone was coupled up gave her zero options. She said her expectations had been so high and she was disappointed. Anna Redmon also joined the beach late and luckily found James Bonsall ready to go out with her. With so little time left it’s unclear if the newcomers will create long-lasting relationships or not.

What do you think about Ivan’s situation? Comment with all your thoughts below. The finale of Bachelor in Paradise is coming next Tuesday.


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