‘BIP’ Brendan Morais Responds To Alleged NordicTrack Firing

Brendan Morais via Instagram

Tuesday, rumors flew everywhere that Brendan Morais lost his NordicTrack sponsorship due to sexist comments made on Bachelor in Paradise. Now, Brendan is speaking out about his alleged firing. Keep reading to see what he has to say about the situation. Is it true? Or is it just another rumor floating through Bachelor Nation?

Did Brendan Morais get fired from NordicTrack?

US Weekly shared Brendan’s response to allegedly being fired by NordicTrack. It appears that the allegations are not true. Brendan Morais said, “While neither myself nor my manager have been in contact with NordicTrack regarding this matter, my partnership was never supposed to be long term.”

He continued saying, “I wish things had happened differently on the beach and I’m regretful about how I handled things with Natasha.” Brendan went on, “With that being said, I completely understand companies need to consider reality TV edits in order to protect their brand, I just know there is more to me than what the audience gets to see for an hour once a week.”

Brendan’s ad for NordicTrack was posted to his Instagram on August 17. The message tells followers to click the link in his bio for more. That link has since been deleted.

NordicTrack has not responded to requests for comments. However, sources close to them say the fitness company “has not expressed any concern over what’s been going on with Bachelor in Paradise.

The source went on to say, “This comes out of the blue to Brendan as he has not learned about the alleged firing nor has heard from NordicTrack these last few days.” They continued, “He finished the collaboration with NordicTrack a week or two ago and has only communicated with them regarding logistics.”

So, it looks like perhaps his time with NordicTrack just ran out. Time will tell if they use him for more ads or stay clear.

He’s got one friend on his side

Bachelor Nation was outraged with Brendan and Pieper James for their actions. Most importantly, fans were extremely upset over the treatment of Natasha Parker. While most have not condoned Brendan’s behavior on the beach, one friend is still there by his side. Who is it?

Dr. Joe Park is a close friend of Brendan. The two can be seen on social media having tons of laughs together. Joe has not spoken out about the Brendan situation. However, he seemed shocked when the information was shared with him on the beach.


With losing over 100k followers, it’s nice Brendan still has a friend in Dr. Joe.

What do you think about everything going on with Brendan?

Stay tuned for more updates.

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