Erin Krakow Hints ‘When Calls The Heart’ Season 9 Premiere Date

When Calls The Heart-Hallmark-Photo: Chris McNally, Erin Krakow, Kevin McGarry Credit: ©2021 Crown Media United States LLC/Photographer: David Dolsen

Now that the WCTH crew has been filming, Hearties just have one question. They want to know about when the premiere of When Calls The Heart Season 9 will be.

Thanks to Erin Krakow, we may have an answer. What did she have to say?

When Does When Calls The Heart Season 9 Start?

When should Hearties expect to watch the first episode of When Calls The Heart Season 9? Sounds like Erin Krakow has already given a good hint. You may even want to pencil it in.

Talking to her fans with a Q&A on her Instagram, she revealed that the upcoming season will start “probably February 2022.” How would she know? Not only is she the main voice of the Hallmark series, but she is also one of the show’s producers. This detail would likely have been discussed with other members of the show’s executive team.

Who Is Coming Back For When Calls The Heart Season 9?

Which actors are coming back for When Calls The Heart Season 9? We know that Erin Krakow (Elizabeth Thatcher Thornton) is back for another season. She has been filling up her Instagram account with BTS selfies and photos.

Last season, Elizabeth picked her man. That is Lucas Bouchard, portrayed by Chris McNally. He has been photographed on set several times. He is also going to be in The CW show Riverdale this season.

Thanks to the official WCTH Instagram page, we know who all is going to be back for Season 9. The third wheel of the triangle, Nathan Grant, played by Kevin McGarry has been seen on set. So has Jaeda Lee Miller, who plays Nathan’s niece, Allie Grant. Jack Wagner (Bill Avery) and Martin Cummings (Henry Gowan) have been with the show pretty much from the start. They have been back, and everyone is waiting to see what is next for them.

Pascale Hutton (Rosemary Coulter and Kavan Smith (Lee Coulter) have been trading barbs online. They are busy filming. So are the Canfields. That includes Viv Leacock (Joseph Canfield), Natasha Burnett (Minnie Canfield), Vienna Leacock (Angela Canfield), and Elias Leacock (Cooper Canfield). Loretta Walsh (Florence Blakeley-Yost) is also back.

Andrea Brooks (Faith Carter) and Kayla Wallace (Fiona Miller) are back as well. Johannah Newmarch (Molly Sullivan), Christian Michael Cooper (Timmy Lawson), Genea Charpentier (Laura Campbell), Ben Rosenbaum (Mike Hickam), Aren Buchholz (Jesse Flynn), and Eva Bourne (Clara Stanton Flynn) are also all back.

However, is this everyone?

Where Are These WCTH Actors?

There may be a couple of questions about actors not appearing in When Calls The Heart Season 9. Although it sounds like the gang is all back for another season, there remain a few mysteries.

For example, Paul Greene (Dr. Carson Shepherd) has not been anywhere near Vancouver, where Janette Oke’s fictional Hope Valley is filmed. He and his fiancée Kate Austin are expecting their first child together in the next couple of months. Greene, who already has a teenaged son, Oliver, from his first marriage, is preparing to be a father again.

We are assuming that Hrothgar Matthews is also back as Ned Yost. He is not on social media. Currently, no one else has taken a BTS photo yet.

Hearties, are you ready for When Calls The Heart Season 9? Sounds like it will premiere sometime in February 2022.


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