’Sister Wives’ Fans Feel Inspired By Janelle Brown, And Here’s Why

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Sister Wives star Janelle Brown has been inspiring her fans on social media with her stunning transformation over the last few months. Find out what she’s doing to improve her life and how she’s challenging her followers to change their lives too.

Janelle Brown Commits to Wellness

Over the last few months, Janelle Brown has been refocusing her priorities, and it’s starting to show. The 52-year-old mother of six has been dedicating herself to achieving full-body wellness and has been sharing her journey and progress with her followers on social media. Sister Wives fans have really enjoyed seeing the celeb transform and have been cheering her on. This sister-wife says that she is trying to become her absolute best self, and says while she’s nowhere near the end of her journey, the changes she has made are making all the difference.

What Changes Has Janelle Been Making?

Janelle Brown has spent over a decade in the public eye as part of the TLC reality family. And, as far as viewers can remember, the celeb has always struggled with her weight. She has always been the heaviest of the four wives and fans felt that she was a bit more reserved and timid because of it. Over the last several months, Janelle has really put her heart into making day-to-day life changes that have steadily, with perseverance, made positive changes in her life.

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According to ScreenRantas fans watched the episodes from the previous season of Sister Wives, they started to notice visible changes in Janelle’s appearance. She was losing very noticeable amounts of weight and in comparing what she looked like on-screen to photos popping up on social media – she had lost more than even fans had initially realized. How did she do it? Well, the celeb says that she began prioritizing a more healthy lifestyle, including a stricter nutrition-based diet and a regular exercise program.

Brown says that her decision to make such big changes in her life was inspired by a close friend, who had recently lost over one hundred pounds herself. Janelle says seeing her friend change her life in such a positive way gave her the motivation to focus on her own wellness and weight loss journey.

‘Change Comes With The Decision To Try’

Back on August 28th, Janelle posted side-by-side photos of herself. On the left was a photo from before she started her health journey. On the right was a current photo. The difference was absolutely astounding. Clearly, she still looks like herself – but her face is noticeably smaller. Even without makeup, her skin was more clear and her age lines less pronounced. Even Janelle’s eyes looked happier and less burdened. She looks… healthier – and people noticed.

She accompanied the photo with a lengthy post, explaining to followers why she began her journey.  The reality star remembers knowing that she NEEDED something – but wasn’t sure what that meant until she heard a friend’s story.  She recounts being absolutely inspired by her close friend, Maddie, who made a change, kept with it, and then decided to share her journey.

Janelle firmly tells her followers that no positive changes can come into your life until you put the intent and effort into that change. ‘Change comes first with the decision to try,’ she wrote in proclamation, ‘trying comes with the decision to continue. Continuing comes with the decision to be committed.’ The Sister Wives celeb reiterates that transforming into your healthiest self is not a quick process – it takes time and dedication. It’s a lifelong journey, and one she plans to continue.

Janelle brown Instagram Post
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Janelle Encourages Fans To Take the Challenge

In her post, the celeb reveals that not only has she lost a significant amount of weight but there have also been many other positive changes as well. She claims her sugar cravings are gone, her skin has cleared. She says her sleep has even improved. ‘I am a whole new me! I feel amazing and this is just the beginning,’ she exclaims.

Janelle also says that for those who are on the fence about committing to their own health and wellness journey, ‘you just have to decide.’ She encourages her followers to decide that they are worth the amazingly positive things that come with dedication to their health. The mom-of-6 also tells fans that, when they are ready, to message her. Janelle literally opened herself up to her followers and said that she would be there for them to give them positive encouragement to help them on their way.

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