Erin Krakow Recalls Special ‘When Calls The Heart’ Milestone With ‘Forever Friend’

When Calls The Heart, Photo: James Brolin, Daniel Lissing, Erin Krakow, Lori Loughlin, Jack Wagner Credit: Copyright 2013 Crown Media United States, LLC/Photographer: Eike Schroter

On Thursday, Erin Krakow posted a photo of her and former When Calls The Heart star Lori Loughlin, to commemorate a very special day. Although Lori is currently not on social media to respond, her former co-stars and “forever friend” Erin Krakow made sure Hearties knew how important this day was.

Her loving tribute also showed how much Lori means to her, as well as to WCTH.

What did Erin write, and what is the special relationship with her “forever friend”?

Erin Krakow Remembers Special When Calls The Heart Milestone

On Thursday, Erin Krakow posted a very special photo on her social media. She posted a photo of the very first scene, of the very first episode of When Calls The Heart. That photo was of her, portraying Elizabeth Thatcher, and Lori Loughlin, portraying Abigail Stanton. Turns out, a fan sent it to her, and Erin was thrilled at the reminder.

On Twitter, Erin wrote, “8 years ago today! A beautiful memory from the very first scene we shot of WCTH Season 1, with my forever friend. Thank you #erinkrakowloriloughlinfan from Instagram for the photo and reminder.”

The photo is of new schoolteacher Elizabeth meeting Abigail. Abigail had just lost her husband and her son to an explosion at the coal mine. This began a close friendship between the two characters, as well as the two onscreen stars.

This was not the first time that Erin has called Lori her “forever friend.” Although Loughlin’s WCTH co-stars were very quiet at the time the scandal hit, they have been especially supportive of her. That includes sharing photos with her and wishing Lori birthday greetings on social media.

Lori Loughlin A Big Part Of WCTH Becoming Series

When Calls The Heart is now a huge Hallmark hit. However, when the series was being developed from the original movie, Lori Loughlin was a huge part of why the network supported the series. The show’s co-creator, Brian Bird has repeated shared that she was the biggest known name. She was the reason that the series got the green light.

When Calls The Heart Co-Star Wants Abigail Stanton Back

Now that former When Calls The Heart star Lori Loughlin is done with her legal requirements, many Hearties wonder if she could return to the Hallmark series. Let’s just say that her co-stars would be the first to welcome the Fuller House star back, with wide-open arms.

Erin Krakow would love to see her friend back. Just as she happily posts about her friend’s birthday, Krakow has been very vocal about her return to the series. For example, Erin Krakow spoke to ET Canada about the love triangle.

However, the subject soon went to the return of Abigail Stanton to Hope Valley. Did Erin Krakow see Lori Loughlin reprise this role? Absolutely.

That is because she is her forever friend.

When Calls the Heart is currently filming Season 9 which should air sometime in early 2022.


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