Isabel And Jacob Roloff Celebrate Huge Milestone Today

Jacob and Isabel Roloff feature

Isabel and Jacob Roloff are celebrating a huge milestone in their relationship today. Fans couldn’t be happier for them.

Isabel Roloff Gushes on Instagram

The youngest of the Roloff couples are celebrating today, and fans are celebrating right along with them. Today marked the budding couple’s two-year marriage anniversary. In a heartfelt post on her official Instagram account, Isabel wished her husband a happy anniversary. She writes to him directly, speaking on the trials and the joys they have experienced over the last two years; telling him that there are still many more grand adventures in their future.

The 25-year-old expectant mother reminisced about the “children” they were when they first said “I do”, musing that the pair had no idea that in just a short time they would be bringing their own child into the world.  Isabella says that she and Jacob have a lot of work to do, but is enthusiastic about their future together as husband and wife.

Alongside Isabel Roloff’s message to her husband was a gorgeous photo from their wedding ceremony that she dates September 5th, 2019.

Jacob and Isabel Roloff
Instagram Isabel Roloff

LPBW Fans Celebrate Alongside Isabel and Jacob

Isabel’s post has been up for just over six hours and already fans have left their mark. The celeb’s personal followers and dozens of Little People, Big World fans swarmed to the photo post showering it with nearly twelve thousand likes and nearly 200 comments. Fans were happy to celebrate alongside Jacob and his gorgeously pregnant wife, leaving dozens of ‘Happy Anniversary!’ comments, sending their love and best wishes to the couple as they embark on another trip around the sun together.

Thankfully, while absent from the TLC show, Jacob has not been forgotten by their fanbase. The show’s fans have enjoyed watching Jacob and Isabel grow in their relationship through the power of social media. Isabel regularly posts updates about her pregnancy and her followers have enjoyed gushing over photos of her growing belly over the last few months.

Jacob and Isabel Roloff
Instagram Isabel Roloff

What’s Next for Isabel and Jacob

Isabel Roloff has only a few months left of her pregnancy. The couple will welcome their first child, in December of this year. The pair could not be more elated over the upcoming birth of their child. Fans are looking forward to seeing the first-time parents grow and bond over the experience, learning as they go. They will be surrounded by unwavering support from their families, including Jacobs’s older siblings who have kids of their own.

Jacob and Isabel’s baby boy will be Matt and Amy Roloff’s fifth grandchild.

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Nikki Desrosiers


  1. I started watching LPBW about 2 years ago, kids were all grown and gone. Recently I’ve been binge-watching from Season 1, and I’m now half way through Season 6. I’ve noticed how Jacob SEEMS quite violent on the shows I’ve watched. I hope he’s outgrown that tendency. JMHO.

    1. It really seems like he did a lot of growing up. He really did not want to be filmed and be part of the show when he was younger. Unfortunately, because he was a minor, he was forced to do it and his parents didn’t respect his privacy or give him an option to not participate, he resented them a lot for it and while we didn’t know that then… going back you can really see the hostility in a lot of the early episodes.

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