Rachael Kirkconnell Of ‘The Bachelor’ Finally Addresses Controversy

Rachael Kirkconnell, Instagram

Rachael Kirkconnell’s season of The Bachelor wasn’t without controversy. While the show was still airing, some unflattering press released about her showing an old photograph. The picture was from her attending an “Old South” even when she was an undergrad student.

The sorority antebellum-themed party happened in 2018 and came out when she’d already finished filming the show. She also won the season and has been in a relationship with Matt James since then, minus a small breakup. Rachael released an apology as soon as the photos came out. Chris Harrison requested Bachelor Nation give her some grace which ultimately led to him stepping down from the franchise. Rachael has been quiet, until now, on the From Privilege to Progress Instagram she gave an interview. The hosts Michelle Saahene and Melissa DePino gave her an outlet to be heard.

Rachael Kirkconnell Talked About The Backlash And The Photo

Rachael Kirkconnell gave an honest interview. She said it felt strange to relive all of it. Rachael said when the picture came out everyone, “including Matt,” looked at it like it had just happened. She said, “for them, it was brand new but for me, it was years ago.”

According to Fox News, she said she wasn’t the same person now she was then. Although some would argue the incident took place just three years ago. Still, Rachael says she’s grown so much. A person listening to the interview asked Rachael to explain how she didn’t know what the party meant. Rachael said she didn’t go to the party, the girls she was with snapped some pictures in the dresses and went to the beach. Rachael said when she learned what the formal stood for at other schools, and that she just thought it was a really traditional frat that wanted to wear the clothes they wore when they started. She said, “I didn’t think anything about it because it didn’t affect me personally.”

Rachael Kirkconnell, Instagram

She Quit The Sorority Soon After

Rachael Kirkconnell said that party and several other things about Greek life caused her to drop out. She said she didn’t know the photo still existed and it wasn’t something she thought of. Until the picture resurfaced she thought everything from that time had been erased. Kirkconnell said along this journey she lost friends and doesn’t talk to some of her family. She said this was the first time she realized, “I need to stop standing aside and I need to walk with people.” She didn’t want to stay quiet for so long, but she had a hard time figuring out how to address things. While she wanted to, it was a battle because a lot of people were telling her to wait.

While she doesn’t appreciate the way some people addressed her on social media, she said change does need to happen. The reality star said, “I didn’t make excuses for myself because there are none.” Rachael said, “I completely understood that and I knew I had to apologize. I wanted to apologize, not that I had to, but I wanted to,” she avowed. “I get that, of course, for some people that will never be enough.” She went on to say people have every right to not forgive her. She’s moving forward with her life and with Matt.

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