‘7 Little Johnstons’ Trent Johnston Makes HUGE Career Change, Shocks Fans

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Trent Johnston of 7 Little Johnstons has made a career change. It turns out that he has a new job. The crazy thing is viewers aren’t thrilled about the news. Trent went to his Instagram to share the news with fans and a lot of them were shocked by what he is doing now. If you watch the show at all, you will understand why.

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Trent Johnston’s New Job

So what is Trent Johnston doing now? It turns out that he is a car salesman and just made his first sale. Amber works as a teacher and their son Jonah also works as a car salesman. In this past season of 7 Little Johnstons, Trent gave Jonah a really hard time about his job. He wanted to make sure he understood that sales aren’t guaranteed and you can only rely on your base pay. Jonah kept telling his dad that he would be selling plenty of cars and making enough money to pay his own bills when he moved out on his own. Because Johan was moving out, they wanted to make sure he had enough money to cover his bills.

Trent Johnston Instagram

Fans Express They are Upset

Fans are speaking out on Trent’s Instagram post and they are pretty upset about his job change. Trent used to work as a ground supervisor. He hasn’t said a word about what made him make this big change, though.

Here is what a few commented on his post:

  • shelley_gib – “And they gave Jonah grief about this not being a steady income job?? Interesting. Hope it works out”
  • courtneybraves10 – “Kind of hilarious that they thought Jonah couldn’t do it. Now Trent is doing it. Wowsa😂!
  • amerz79 – “Did Jonah inspire this leap?”
  • cas_king55 – “I hope you apologized to Jonah.”
  • mycityfauxfarmhouse – “Wow. He went and copied his son after giving him such a hard time about a job with no pay except commission.”
  • jlidiah – “Whaatt!? Does that mean Jonah is doing well as a salesman? Awesome!!”

Fans are curious if this means that things are going well for Jonah. Hopefully, he is killing it as a car salesman, but there probably won’t be an update until next season.

Are you shocked to see that Trent Johnston is now working as a car salesman? Share your thoughts in the comments section below. Don’t miss new episodes of 7 Little Johnstons when it returns to TLC with new episodes. So far, there is no news about when it will return.

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