‘Bachelor in Paradise:’ Learn Secrets From The Beach

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The beach is back, and fans are still learning about Bachelor in Paradise are still finding out secrets. Fan favorites from the past few seasons showed up in Paradise for the premiere last night. BIP is past cast members of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette’s chance to find love again. It’s resulted in fan-favorite couples like Dylan Barbour and Hannah Godwin. The show is usually a bit wilder than when it’s just one girl and thirty guys or one guy and thirty girls.

This year there will be multiple hosts with the absence of Chris Harrison. In the premiere episode, Wells Adams returned as the bartender, and David Spade was the first host. Others include Lance Bass and Tituss Burgess.

Starting out, the atmosphere seemed a bit different with host David Spade and a naked Kenny Braach set the tone. AshLee Frazier from Season 1 said, “it’s a well-produced show. They know your weaknesses, they know your strengths, and they know how to put those things together.”

What Secrets Are Hidden In All That Sand?

Kalon McMahone told Houston ABC the shows aren’t that glamorous. According to Us Weekly, she said, “When I was on The Bachelorette, I was in four countries in five days. What people don’t know is you’re locked in these hotels, you’re deprived from talking with family or friends, you don’t get to read the newspaper.”

The Season 1 BIP alum went on to say, you don’t know what’s happening except for the small amount of news they give you everything else is secret. This includes what people are saying on social media and the news of the world.

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There’s A Drinking Limit At The Bar

In 2017 there were allegations of sexual misconduct due to drinking. After an investigation, no evidence supported it, but it changed the drinking rules on set. It’s no secret, “the bar was always open,” before that like Caila Quinn said.

Now a two-drink per hour limit keeps everyone less intoxicated. Vinny Ventiera said another change is, “if you wanted to spend the night with someone, you had to give consent on camera.” The necklaces the men wear are microphones which is why they all have them. Another secret is since the overnights don’t start until long after midnight, there are only a few hours where couples are alone. According to Evan Bass, there’s plenty of opportunities to hook up. They had a designated place called, “the boom boom room.” He claims he and Carly Waddell never used it.

What do you think of this beach intel? Did you learn something new? Comment your thoughts below. Bachelor in Paradise airs on Monday nights and continues next week with more fun in the sun.

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