Isabel Roloff Shows Off Growing Baby Bump! See Photos

Isabel and Jacob Roloff Instagram

The LPBW family will soon be growing, yet again! Isabel Roloff and her husband, Jacob, are expecting their first child in just a few short months. At just over the halfway point of the pregnancy, Isabel is showing off her bump, and fans are gushing over it.

Isabel Roloff Shares Special Photos with Followers

On Wednesday, Isabel Roloff took to Instagram to show off her latest bump photo. In an adorable mirror selfie, the expectant mom cradles her growing bump with a smile on her face. She is wearing a loose-fit linen maxi dress with puff peasant sleeves.  The peach color of the dress complements her fair skin tone. Isabel wore her hair down and natural, letting it fall around her shoulders. The photo does not appear to be planned, but rather, a spur-of-the-moment decision.

The photo was edited to display the caption ‘Jer and Auj’s House is Perfect For Selfies.’ Underneath the caption, another text block read ’23 Weeks.’

Isabell Roloff Instagram
Photo Credit: Isabel Roloff | Instagram

Excitement Grows For the LPBW Family

There are just a few more months left before the latest Roloff grandbaby is born, and the family is abuzz with excitement. While Jacob and Isabel Roloff’s new edition won’t be Amy and Matt’s first grandchild, there appears to be a special excitement surrounding the birth. Why? Well, Jacob is the youngest of the Roloff children. So, in essence, Matt and Amy’s ‘baby’ is having a baby of his very own.

Fans who have followed the show over the years are also in their feels about Isabel and Jacob’s baby. Many feel that the birth will very much represent the end of an era. While surely there are many more adventures to follow offscreen for the Roloff clan, the show’s original purpose has been filled.

When the show started back in 2006, it featured Matt and Amy as a married couple. The show spoke to the challenges the couple experienced raising a family that included both normal height and ‘little people’ family members. Fans watched season after season as they raised a beautiful family and wonderful children, sending them off one by one into the world, despite the eventual crash of their personal relationship. Now, as the last child makes this final step into adulthood, viewers wonder if the show has any staying power left.

Isabel Roloff Baby Bump Instagram
Photo Credit: Isabel Roloff | Instagram


Would Jacob and Isabel Roloff Consider A Spin-Off?

As the LPBW family gets older, Amy and Matt’s separate storylines will eventually lose appeal for fans.  Amy is getting married soon, and Matt is happy in his new relationship as well. As the last Roloff child emerges as a full-fledged adult, fans are now angling for a spin-off series. Much like what Counting On was for the Duggars (before their recent scandal ended the show), Little People Big Word fans are hopeful that TLC would take a similar route with the Roloff clan.

Now that Matt and Amy’s kids have their own children, will there be a continuation series? Maybe. The bigger question fans have is whether Jacob and Isabel Roloff would participate. As many fans are aware, the youngest  Roloff kiddo isn’t a fan of the small screen. In fact, according to The Hollywood Gossipthe now 24-year-old wanted no part of the show for quite some time. As a kid, Jacob had no choice about being on the show, though he adamantly wanted no part of it. This eventually led to a fallout with his family and Jacob leaving the show. While he resolved issues with his parents, it’s likely that he still has no intention of coming back to reality tv.

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