Nick Viall Grills Greg Grippo Who Now Admits He’s An ‘Ass’

Greg and Katie via YouTube AFR

Former Bachelor Nick Viall got the chance to grill Greg Grippo following Monday’s dramatic conclusion to The Bachelorette. Nick asked Greg the tough questions, especially about comments he made to Katie Thurston on After the Final Rose. What Greg had to say may surprise some, others may not buy what he’s selling. Fans can be the judge after hearing what went down on The Viall Files. 

Nick Viall grills Greg Grippo about Katie Thurston

Watching the season finale of Katie’s season was the second time Greg watched the show. The first time he saw it was just before After the Final Rose was taped. He was still upset at that point. Keep in mind, AFR was filmed nearly three weeks ago. So, when Katie and Greg met for the first time following their historic, painful fight, it was also the first time they’d seen the footage played back. Both were emotional as could be seen on television.

One thing Greg said on After the Final Rose was that he had no regrets. His comment didn’t sit right with a lot of people. So, one of Nick’s first questions to Greg was if that feeling had changed. Greg said yes his perspective has changed. He watched the show back for a second time and tried to put himself in Katie’s position. He said he does regret it. Greg said he really came off as an “ass.” He went on to say Katie did not deserve how he acted and it wasn’t fair to her.

Greg noted he tried really hard to watch the show the second time through her eyes. He also said he would rather fans believe he was acting rather than admit he has work to do on himself. He said it was a very humbling and painful situation to watch back.

Greg also said he understands if fans choose not to believe him at this point. However, he did mention he’s sorry for triggering so many people. Greg realizes he can do better.

He also said he knows his behavior was immature and does not want people defending his actions.

His feelings about Katie

Greg also said he realizes his relationship with Katie probably wasn’t the healthiest. He was depending on her for happiness and he shouldn’t have done that. Greg has come to realize perhaps he hadn’t fully processed his father’s passing.

He also noted that after their date in the rain, he told Katie off-camera away from everyone that he was falling in love with her. She didn’t say it back. He said his intuition was screaming at him. He didn’t believe he was the one for her.

Following hometowns, Greg knocked on Katie’s door a day and a half later. That is when their big fight went down. That was the end of Katie and Greg.

He said he wanted to reach out to her following After the Final Rose but didn’t want to step on Blake Moynes toes. Greg respects Blake and thinks he and Katie will have a long, happy marriage. He’s happy for them.

Blake Moynes Katie Thurston via YouTube
Blake Moynes Katie Thurston via YouTube

Greg Grippo also cleared up other rumors

Grippo also clarified a few rumors. One is about his acting career. Basically, Greg says there isn’t one. He claims his acting education was not listed on Linkedin as reported by multiple outlets. He also said he realized acting wasn’t his thing. Greg began schooling shortly before his father became ill.

Another rumor he cleared up was his casting opportunities for The Bachelorette. The first time casting contacted him was for Becca Kufrin’s season of the show. He turned it down. He said he was young and not ready. Next, casting contacted him for Clare Crawley’s season. He flew to New Mexico only to be sent back home because of COVID. When the season was set to start filming once again, Greg decided to not go. He said he didn’t believe he and Clare would click. It wasn’t until casting contacted him again about Katie that he said yes and decided to take a chance.

Greg also spoke up about being seen with Bri Springs in New York. He said he and Bri are just friends and that she even has a boyfriend. He also noted that while news outlets said they didn’t get into the club, they did.

Who is his vote for The Bachelor?

Nick asked Greg who he thinks should be the next Bachelor. Greg said Andrew Spencer or Michael Allio would both be amazing.


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