Blake Horstmann Of ‘BIP’ Jokes He’s In A Throuple With Beloved Couple

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Blake Horstmann surprised Instagram with a picture he posted of himself with Dylan Barbour and Hannah Godwin. There is a picture of Hannah being hugged by Dylan, and Blake wrapping his arms around both of them. All of them are in the pool. The picture doesn’t look like any of them are wearing clothes. He hashtagged it, “throuple goals.”

It’s interesting he made this joke because Blake tried to date Hannah in the same season she and Dylan got together. He visited her before the show and told Dylan it was the reason he was there. Throughout Hannah seemed torn between Blake and Dylan until she finally made the hard choice and left the show engaged.

Blake also had other drama on the show. Famously both Caelynn Miller-Keyes and Kristina Schulman spent the night with him at Stagecoach. Later he said the producers manipulated him and he felt bad about the way things went down. He’d talked about having PTSD after the show. Blake also mentioned fans want him to be who he was edited to be, and that’s not truly him.

The Couple Seemed On Board With The Third Wheel

Hannah and Dylan are laughing in the picture with Blake Horstmann so they don’t see to mind. The three reunited in Vegas and one of the hashtags Blake used was, “it only took 2 years.”

Dylan commented on the post, “ABC is trembling.” Hannah commented, “I missed this scene on BIP.” Others in Bachelor nation also commented. Madison Prewett said, “this looks so odd.” Jason Tartick said, “the Bachelor world is just so strange and I’m so here for it!” Hannah and Dylan’s wedding got put on hold because of COVID, so now they’re taking their time planning.

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What Did Blake Horstmann Say About BIP?

Fans thought Blake Horstmann would return to the beach this year. He spent some time with the cast from the past couple of seasons and entertained the idea of going. Blake showed up at a party where Kelsey Weier, Victoria Fuller, and several other cast members were. Social media loved it when they all partied together. When it came down to it, he decided that ship has sailed. Deciding he didn’t want to experience editing the way producers create characters, he chose not to go.

Blake said, “it didn’t feel right.” Now that he’s in a good place, “personally, professionally, and mentally,” it’s not for him anymore. He really feels his life is Fans still really want him to find his love story, and he hopes he will as well. What do you think about Blake’s joke? Are you surprised they can all be friends now? Comment with your thoughts down below.

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