Drake Bell’s Victim Says He Is ‘The Epitome of Pure Evil’ [Hear Court Audio]

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Former Nickelodeon star, Drake Bell, has landed himself in hot water. While the case stayed mostly under the radar, he was accused of “grooming” and abusing a young girl for several years. The victim got a chance to make a statement to the court recently about how her experiences with the celebrity have affected her. Read on to find out what the victim had to say about her abuser.

Drake Bell Sentenced to Probation in Child Endangerment Case

The news broke today that the former high-profile young actor, Drake Bell, will now live on in a different type of infamy than he once hoped. Best known for his role as Drake Parker in the popular tween series, Drake and Josh, Bell has always had young girls hanging off his every word. Now, as a 35-year-old man, it seems like he never stopped enjoying that power.

On June 23rd, Bell plead guilty to charges of “attempted child endangering and disseminating matter harmful to juveniles.” According to NBC News, These charges can carry prison sentences of up to two years. Fortunately for Bell, he will receive a laughably light sentence.

According to Dateline, Judge Timothy McCormick of Ohio sentenced the former actor to two years probation with a one-year prison sentence, 200 hours of community service to be completed in California.  Drake Bell received his sentence today in a Cleveland Ohio courtroom. He however was not present. The former teen-heartthrob appeared before the judge via Zoom call.

Drake’s Victim Speaks Out In Court

During the sentencing hearing, Bell’s now 19-year-old victim read an impact statement to the court. In her two-and-a-half-minute address, the victim details her interactions with Drake Bell, how they met, and the ways in which he traumatized her. The video (included below) is visible to the public on YouTube in its entirety.

While the girl’s name was not released, her face was shown on the screen in the courtroom, as she was attending via zoom as well.

The unnamed girl told the court that she had once idolized Bell. She states that she met him through a mutual family friend when she was 12. According to her statement, Bell was very kind to her and they texted and messaged often. During the early stages of the grooming, the victim says that Drake was very kind to her. She said that wanted to know about her life and had meaningful conversations with her. The girl tells the court that for years the messaging would slowly evolve from the occasional comment that she was “such a cutie,” to  telling her “how hot she was,” and to “hurry up.”

Later in the speech, she recounts going to see him at a concert a few years later. She was 15 at the time. The plaintiff claimed that backstage, Bell coerced her into performing oral favors for him, twice. At one point during her presentation, the victim literally addressed Drake, whom she could see on the screen next to her. He had a smirky smile on his face during her address. During the audio, she must have looked up from reading her statement because you hear a break and a very direct “don’t smile at me,” and another brief pause before she resumes.

Victim Declares Drake Bell to Be A Danger To Children

In addition to her account of events, Bell’s victim had no problem describing how the situation has affected her. Drake’s accuser claims she continues to experience emotional trauma. She claims his abuse has impacted her extensively, causing her nightmares and panic attacks. In her statement, she also declares that it has cost her parents more than $7,000 to send her to therapy to help overcome her issues.

Bell’s accuser calls him “calculating,” adding that she was “preyed on and sexually abused.” Post relationship, the woman claims Drake “is a monster and a danger to children.” She describes the celebrity as “the epitome of evil.”

The unnamed victim closed with a statement that will likely stick with a lot of people. “Jared Drake Bell is a pedophile and that is his legacy.”

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