Blake Horstmann Answers Fans Most Burning Questions About Paradise

Blake Horstmann was good at causing drama when he was a cast member of Bachelor in Paradise. This had fans curious about what would happen when he went back to the beach. On his Instagram, he answered lots of fan’s questions including if he would be showing up in Paradise this season.

Blake was one of two men who initially went after Hannah Godwin. Her now fiance Dylan Barbour, eventually the victor, Hannah still had a hard time in the beginning. Then things came out that he’d been to Stagecoach and hooked up with two other contestants, Caelynn Miller Keyes and Kristina Schulman, on back-to-back nights. He says looking back he feels like producers manipulated him and made him out to be the villain when that wasn’t who he was at all.

Is Blake Horstmann Coming Back To The Beach?

In a Q and A Blake Horstmann said he was close to going back. Eventually, he decided, “it didn’t feel right.” He stated he’s at a good place in his life, “personally, professionally, and mentally.”

One fan asked if it was hard to be himself after being on BIP. He said it is. “Everyone wants you to be the person you were on the show, and that’s not always the case.”

Blake said you become who you were edited to be. Horstmann said once that happens, you have to choose new friends carefully. He stated he’s become friends with someone who just wanted a photo. Fans have said he seems a lot nicer in person than he did on the show.

He Answered Some Relationship Questions

Blake Horstmann got the question, “do you believe in breaks in relationships?” He said it doesn’t work in his experience so he doesn’t believe in it. He said, “I just think if you wanna be with someone you will make it work no matter what.” Fans really wanted him to find his happily ever if he went back to the beach.

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Blake said, “blurred lines can get confusing and  people get hurt more during breaks.” He said he loves meeting fans and has become friends with people just because they came up to him.  Blake loves Bachelor nation, but he won’t be on Paradise. He said, “I’ll always be grateful for what the show has allowed me to do, but I don’t want to be defined by the show.” Blake said, “I decided my mental health was more important than some followers and an engagement.” He made sure to say there isn’t, “anything wrong with people who do go on the show.”

What do you think about Horstmann opting out of going to the beach? Will you miss him when you watch the show? Comment with your thoughts down below.


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