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‘The Bachelorette’ Katie Thurston: Get Reacquainted With Blake Moynes

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Monday night a former contestant will be joining Katie Thurston’s season of The Bachelorette. Blake Moynes first appeared on Clare Crawley’s season of the show. He then stuck around and dated Tayshia Adams for a while after Clare left with Dale Moss. Now, he’s certain he needs to date Katie too. So, let’s get reacquainted with this Canadian hunk before Monday night’s episode.

Who is Blake Moynes?

According to The Sun, Blake Moynes was born August 9, 1990. If this number is accurate then Blake will be hitting 31 this summer. Blake is from Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. He is a wildlife manager by trade. However, when he’s not working or falling in love on reality television, Blake is volunteering at organizations to help endangered species. He reportedly chooses one organization every year to dedicate time to.

Blake was raised by his mom, Emily Moynes. His mom and dad reportedly divorced when he was young. Blake is obviously a huge animal lover. Not only is he a wildlife manager, he’s also a dog and cat dad. Huge plus for Blake because everyone knows Katie loves cats.

What he’s looking for

In his original Bachelorette bio it was shared that Blake is the only single one left in his circle of friends. He’s ready to find love and settle down. So, what is Blake looking for in a wife? He obviously wants someone who is outdoorsy and being an animal lover probably would also be a good thing.

His bio said his future bride needs to have a goofy side and also be okay with his self-described “potty mouth.” Blake isn’t afraid to be emotional and wants the woman he’s with to be okay with him wearing his heart on his sleeve. It also sounds like Blake can be pretty romantic as he loves to go on picnics.

His previous time on the show

Blake first appeared on Clare Crawley’s season of The Bachelorette. He made headlines during that time for breaking the rules so to speak. He reached out to Clare before filming to check on her since her mom resides in a facility. While some were not happy, Clare expressed gratitude to Blake.

When Clare departed the show with Dale, Blake stuck around to see where things could go with Tayshia. It wasn’t in the cards for them to be together. Now, he’s back and hoping to find love with Katie. Will it work out?

Tune in Monday night to watch Blake crash The Bachelorette on ABC.

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