Sister Wives’ Janelle Brown Split From Family Over Fight With Meri

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Sister Wives star Janelle Brown and Meri often seem at loggerheads and fans saw a couple of instances in Season 15 where that became evident. However, her issues with Kody and Meri go back a long way. Plus, it seems that some TLC fans believe their issues with each other spill over to Janelle’s daughter, Maddie Brush. Did you know that at one stage, Kody’s second wife moved away from the family over Kody and his first wife?

Sister Wives star Janelle Brown has a complicated relationship with Kody

If you watch the TLC show, you probably already know that Janelle married Meri’s brother, Adam. Plus, her mom married Kody’s dad Winn. So, the two women knew each other even before the TLC show started airing. However, after they married, it seems that things went sour for them. Through the years rumors of problems arose. Plus, fans saw that at one stage, they couldn’t bring themselves to ride along in the same car. In Season 15, fans also saw Meri completely denied that she and Janelle discussed how the family problems started back in their separate homes in Las Vegas.

Janelle Brown Thinks Their Family Is Missing Something

Sister Wives star Janelle Brown broached the issue of Meri again during the last season of the show. Kody and Meri annoy fans as they constantly fight. Clearly, it annoys Janelle as well.  In fact, Meri says she stays in the family because she loves them all so much. However, for Kody’s second wife, it just causes a lot of stress in the whole family. Actually, The Sun UK reported in April last year, that tension with Meri seems to spill over into Maddie Brush’s life. That came from a tweet where she talked about someone who scared her for her “whole f**king life” and “she plays like she’s the one who’s hurting. She was a monster! Now she’s attacking one of the few safety nets you had?”

How far back do these problems go between the two women?

Sister Wives star Janelle Brown actually left the family a long time ago, for a couple of years. It happened when they still lived in Lehi, Utah. In the book, Becoming Sister Wives, she detailed in 2012, how she took the kids and moved out. Apparently, bearing five kids in seven years made her feel overwhelmed and depressed. Then on top of it, she and Meri clashed really badly. Fed up, she moved to her mom’s place and stayed there much longer than the two days or so that Kody expected.

Sister Wives star Janelle Brown finally returned but only after she insisted on a separate apartment from the rest of them. Fans know that Meri has issues with Robyn, although she denies it. Plus, Christine always felt a lot of jealousy. Meanwhile, we now know the story of Janelle and Kody’s first wife. Perhaps, instead of hanging around as a tragic weeping willow, Meri should do herself, and the rest of the family a favor and make a new life with a man who loves her.

What are your thoughts on the dynamic between Kody and Meri that seems to cause a lot of stress for the other wives? After all, they no longer live as man and wife and he seems to despise her.  Sound off in the comments below.

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  1. Why would these 4 women have so many kids with this loser ? He is NOT portrayed as a caring and loving father. WHO , WHO is the man in these kids life that sets a good and positive example of what a loving, caring and involved father should be like? Why would the women raise their kids in THIS messed up family ? They make it appear as if whatever crumbs kody has to toss their way is ok. Just accept those crumbs and be thankful that you got ANY . I don’t like the negative impact of this show at all.

  2. On last week’s episode Kody finally stayed with Janelle and could not wait to leave and get back to Robyn! It shows a knock on her door, Solomon opening the door, Robyn taking pics and Kody going right into her arms and kissing her! Do you see that with the other wives? Wake up ladies, he and Robyn are playing you all for fools! Telling you what you want to hear! He only cares about Robyn! Until he gets tired of her! Take all your money and go!

    1. it has appeared for awhile that Robin is Kody’s favorite. Kody wants to stay with Robin. Kody talks about looking for a house with Robin but you do not hear him say anything about looking for housing with anyone else. That action is not respectful to the other sister wives. If Robin is as spiritual as she makes out she should call Kody out on this, but by not saying anything Kody spends the majority of his time with Robin.

  3. I feel sorry for Meri. Kody doesn’t want anything to do with her and never will again and she just doesn’t want to accept it.
    Personally, I don’t know what she sees in him anymore. He doesn’t treat her well at all.
    It’s his fault she was attracted to someone else and got catfished. When he hooked up with Robyn, he dropped ALL of the wives like hot potatoes. He didn’t care how getting a divorce affected Meri. And it hurt her. She’s foolish for hanging on.

    1. Janelle wants to bully Meri because she can ,Janelle is a lying manipulater,but not as vicious as Kody and Robyn
      Janelle is somewhat intelligent but her edges are full to the point that her kids needs to point out the obvious about their dad to her

      1. Why do they keep saying Mari had an affair talking to some one does not constitute an affair. Meri is legally divorced from Kody plus he never spiritually remarried Meri so she did nothing wrong. Kody wanted his cake and wanted to eat it too, if he had no feelings for Meri why was he so angry? Kody is truly a narcissist point blank period.

      2. Kody Brown is a full blown Narcissist. period. every single ” confession ” conversation is him spilling how much he is a victim of this or that. no you entitled dork! One day you will fall from grace with all of these kids you ignored. Fly away Janelle! Be free of this twisted system!

        1. He is the biggest piece of CRAP. He blames everything on Christine and janelle and said they wouldn’t show him love. He took himself away from them for stupid ass reasons. He couldn’t go to see his daughter when she had back surgery but could go and marry someone and party. When are people going to get a belly full of him. And Meri gets absolutely nothing from him yet she stays. And he puts
          On a show of being so hurt by them. When he is the one that had destroyed them.

    2. Mari is no dummy. She is exactly where she wants to be. she has money and fame and doesn’t have to sleepnwith the looser any more. She can cry into the camera all she wants then leave for her inn and play with her friends. She gets tons of attention with everyone feeling sorry for her. Not me, after this long if she isn’t willing to stand on her own 2 feet then she deserves what she gets.

    3. You are right. Robyn ca.e in and sudden nobody else mattered. Kudos to you hoisting. Kody and ro yn live in a million dollar house and Kody is mad because she took her life in her hand. Her house was rented.

  4. The other women will see what Kody truly is. He’s so freaking ugly, I don’t know what they see, he’s such a loser and lier!! Wake up!!

  5. Merri and janelle. Leave that looser husband kody
    He is such a bad husband and father
    only cares for Robin
    And treat the other wifes so bad
    I would never get married to that sorry ass

    1. if mari and Jenelle left him now after Christine already did how would stuff get paid for. certainly not by Robin and Cody

  6. In a nutshell, they are only there at this point for the show. These women all know Kody is in love with Robyn, they are only staying for the money and fame, nothing else, money talks, bullshit walks!

  7. I suspect Kody grew tired of women who challenged him. Besides, what self respecting woman will financially support a man and his non working youngest wife and their nanny? Get real Kody…your name is probably only on Sobbin Robyn’s house because she couldn’t qualify for a loan since her only job is bedding you!!!

    1. That’s the truth. I know longer considered them in a plural marriage since Kody doesn’t have anything to do with his other wives unless it’s putting them down and that’s all he does.

  8. Hello please try to understand something. Meri introduced Robyn to destroy the relationship of jannelle and Christine with kody. l strongly believe that MERI is jealous of Christine and jannelle. Maybe her initial plan was for her and Robyn to to be with kody and drove away the other wives. However it has backfired because Robyn wants kody for herself and her children. Be careful not to go against God of heaven. Polygamy is not from God of heaven amen

  9. The only reason Meri stays is for the $$ she gets from the show. Her friendship with SobbinRobyn is just for show to try to get Kodys attention. Janelle and Christine are the only two I like but even then not enough to watch the show.

  10. the only thing missing in this family is a “man”. Real men do not act like little babies. Boo hoo kody. look at yourself in the mirror. is that you? some little boy. you must make your mother really proud.

  11. I think it’s all about the money. Cody relied on Christine, Meri and Jannelle’s money from TLC and it’s obvious that he and Robin bring no income. Now Christine is keeping her money and is still on the show. Love how angry and jealous Robin and him are.

  12. Meri is a coward for staying with Cody. He told her he doesn’t love her and never will. Meri did not have an affair. Cody is living to get away from her. He is a bad husband 3 times over.

  13. this show shows when you loses self respect you loses everything. how long ladies will you let this go on. this man has no respect for you, if he did he wouldnt treat you the way he does. Christine grabbed back her dignity and ran. this man requires you to give up your voice to have some type of relationship with him.
    Y’all are to beautiful to put up with this disrespect. put on your big girl panty and get a life. If you dont you will be alone in your twilight years

  14. Polygamy has always been one thing, using the bible to have a wife and cheat on her with a younger woman. How many men take in additional wives that are older? Zero. I. can’t understand how these women hang in the this ridiculous relationship. I think it’s high time women marry more than one man! I need one to mow the lawn, one to take care of the household, one to bring in money and one to sleep with. Sound familiar? SMH…

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