Loren Brovarnik’s Son Shai Is Ready For The Next Phase In Toddler LIfe?

Loren Brovarnik's Son Shai

Loren Brovarnik’s son Shai is a firm fan-favorite of 90 Day Fiance fans. Now he can walk around, TLC fans wonder if it’s time for potty training. Well, he only recently turned one-year-old, so it might be a little bit early to start. Mind you, some kids manage the transition at a younger age than others. What made fans think that he’s ready for the big milestone at such a young age?

Loren Brovarnik’s son meets some milestones

Apart from possibly being the most adorable baby ever seen on 90 Day Fiance, Shai meets other milestones. Back in March, fans wondered if he’d soon start walking unaided. It came after a clip revealed him almost tottering over to his dad. Outside on the lawn, Alexei crouched down to Shai’s height and held his arms. “His son took some wobbly steps and very nearly managed on his own,” we reported.

Shai Brovarnik Is A ’90 Day Fiance’ Fan-Fave – Is He Walking Yet?

Loren Brovarnik’s son Shai turned one-year-old, the month after his attempt at walking. On April 15, we reported that a few days before his birthday, Shai would move around if he had something to hang onto. Probably by now, he’s much more mobile. At the time of his birthday, Shai looked so adorable, as he wore a crown and a bowtie. The cute kid wore striped short pants and nothing else. In her caption, Loren called him “Mr. ONE-derful! Shai.” Of course, besotted fans raved about the cute kid, and many people sent him their birthday greetings.

Time for potty training the cute 90 Day Fiance kid?

On Thursday this week, @90daythemelanatedway shared some clips of Loren Brovarnik’s son. In the clip, sweet Shai held onto the edge of the bath and sang along and wriggled, swimming his arms to some music. However, he also kept fiddling with his diaper. Actually, it looked like he wanted it taken off. A few TLC fans took one looked and decided that it’s potty training time.

One of them commented, “Time to start potty training. Easier the younger they are. Just sticking with it. He’s at that age● So cute!!!●” Then another person noted, “He is…the cutest ❤️ looks like he’s ready to be potty trained lol.”

According to Pampers.com, it might be a bit young yet. Although it’s in the diaper manufacturer’s interests to keep kids in diapers, presumably, they know a thing or two about potty training. Their website notes seven indications that a child might be ready for training. One of those includes a child [being able to] pull down his own diapers, training pants, or underwear. It looks like Shai’s a little bit shy of that milestone right now.

What are your thoughts about Loren Brovarnik’s son Shai? Do you think that trying to undo his diaper means he’s ready for potty training? Or, did he just need a helping hand with a soiled diaper? Sound off in the comments below.

Loren Brovarnik's Son Shai Ready For Potty Training
Credit: Loren Brovarnik | Instagram

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