Chase Chrisley’s Girlfriend Emmy Medders Rocks Pink Romper: See Pic

Chase Chrisley’s Girlfriend Emmy Medders

Chase Chrisley’s girlfriend Emmy Medders seems to be in growing popularity amongst Chrisley Knows Best fans. Plus, she seems very welcome in Todd’s family. In fact, he thinks that Chase chose a really nice and decent young woman to share his life with. Well, fans also like what they see as she seems straightforward, pretty, and really knows how to rock some style.

Chase Chrisley’s girlfriend Emmy Medders knows how to flaunt her style

There’s been some confusion about the couple and some fans thought they split. We reported that social media sleuths discovered that some photos came down and it seemed that the happy couple stopped following each other on social media. However judging by various messages on his birthday, Todd’s son and girlfriend seem very much in love still. So, Chrisley Knows Best fans can only speculate that they split briefly and then made up.

Proof Emmy Medders And Chase Chrisley Are Still Together?

Actually, Chase Chrisley’s girlfriend Emmy went a bit quiet on social media during the split rumors. However this week, she’s rocking it with her posts. We reported on June 22, that she posted a clip that revealed she hiked her knee and smiled over her shoulder. Perhaps she modeled some clothing in Nashville?  Her outfit looked very nice. We noted that she wore a “tropical floral print dress” Additionally, she sported some nude strappy sandals. Very stylish, at the same time, she hardly looked like a woman with a broken heart.

Rocking her pink romper

TV Overmind reports that Chase Chrisley’s girlfriend Emmy seems like a very “girly girl.”The outlet noted that she “loves to have a manicure.” Additionally, she and her mom enjoy hanging together. Of course, she and Savannah Chrisley have something in common as they both love “shopping and travel.” The happy personality seems to shine out of her face. Well, she certainly dresses well and this week she looked really stunning in a pink romper.

Sharing a photo on her Instagram stories this week, Chase Chrisley’s girlfriend Emmy revealed her bright outfit. Beautifully tailored,  it came with a button-up top. She wore pink earrings and pink lipstick. Tall and tanned, she really enhanced the pink with her hair up, impeccable makeup, and perfect eyebrows. Pink is often considered a girly color, as fans know. However, it takes a lot of confidence to go totally bright pink.

Chase Chrisley’s Girlfriend Emmy Medders Rocks Pink Romper
Credit: Emmy Medders | Instagram Stories

What are your thoughts on Emmy’s style? Do you like the pink romper that she wore? Do you wish that you could also have lovely bronze legs, a tall and lithe physique, and a really good taste in fashion? Sound off in the comments below.

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  1. Emily is a beautiful and sexy woman, what does she see in Chase, he looks and acts like a child, even his voice sounds like a little boy. I know you can’t help who you love, but, in the pics of them together, Emily looks like his older sister, I really don’t know what she see’s in him, he looks like he’s 16 years old, and there’s nothing wrong with that, except Emily is a beautiful and mature woman, and I think she can get a man who treats her like a woman.

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