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‘Too Large’ Star Jennifer Passes Away After Intense Weight Struggles

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Too Large on TLC brought Jennifer to the show by TLC for discovery +. The show seems similar to My 600-LB Life, but Dr. Procter deals with the morbidly obese patients, instead of Dr. Now. Actually, despite some sad stories, fans really like Dr. Procter. Jennifer came with a sad story about how she packed on weight after a car accident. However, the story seems to not have a happy ending.

Too Large brings seven people and Jennifer brings the saddest story

The new show follows seven people who range from 400 pounds to 800 pounds. All of them face the possibility of early death from the health issues associated with their morbid obesity. So, losing weight is no joke for them. The doctor in the show is very well respected as a gastric surgeon. In fact,  you might recall that the Slaton sisters consulted him in 1000-LB Sisters. This week, it the turn of Jennifer to feature in the new show.

Too Large brings some success stories like Meghan who had a much happier outcome than Jennifer. However, doctors sometimes fail to intervene in time. Or, the patient simply continues with their food addiction until they pass away. It looks like Jennifer fell into the “too late” category. She started gaining weight in middle school, ending up at about 200 pounds. However, after her pregnancy, she packed on 150 pounds. Then, after a car accident, she let herself go.

Did the large lady die?

Ahead of Wednesday’s episode, a teaser for Too Large revealed that Jennifer once enjoyed a happy life. She told the camera that her husband and her son, along with her loved car shows and events. So, they partied, traveled and totally loved the lifestyle. However, someone slammed into them from the rear at a stop street. After that, she said, “I left myself go.” Developing Lymphedema after the accident, her weight became a much bigger problem.  A massive growth between her legs seemed to grow bigger daily.

In the teaser, for Too Large, fans saw that Jennifer was mostly bed-bound. And there, her husband fed her amazing portions of food. In one scene, she ate chocolate for breakfast dessert. Well, it turned out that she was apparently the first cast member in the new show who passed away. The son and her husband seemed like nice people, so fans feel sad for them. In the comments on Instagram, one TLC fan mentioned that she developed an infection in her leg. “She went into sepsis and it killed her.”

Meanwhile, someone who knew the star from Too Large talked about Jennifer on Twitter. She said, “I knew her personally because I am from Hinesville Georgia. It was heartbreaking to hear of her passing a few months ago. I also had a gastric bypass so all our mutual friends were messaging me when this happened. I still am sending prayers to her family. Rip Jennifer.”

Too Large Star Jennifer Pass Away After Stuggling With Her Weight
Credit: TLC | Instagram

Do you feel sad that Too Large star Jennifer passed away? If you saw the show, you’d know that both her husband and her son seem to eat way too much as well. Hopefully, they do something before it’s too late.

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  1. I was so proud of her for losing not 30, but 40 pounds in a month. I told my husband if she can do so can we? We just need a few pounds off hear in there. lol, I was so happy for her and for all of you for working together by eating the same things she was. That is so encouraging. I’m deeply sorry for your loss. Sending Heartfelt Sympathy to you both. God bless and I hope you will start on your weight loss journey.

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