OOPS!!! Savannah Chrisley Makes Several Dumb Decisions

Savannah Chrisley, Instagram

Savannah Chrisley doesn’t fit the description of a ditzy blond and has never portrayed herself that way. On Chrisley Knows Bestshe’s quick-witted, polished, and classy. Not to mention, she’s a very successful businesswoman, but everyone makes mistakes.

In her Instagram story, Chrisley shared the few dumb decisions she made just this morning. Chrisley is a fitness buff and in fantastic shape. For a while, she followed and promoted the South Beach Diet. Often, she posts pictures in a bikini to show her confidence. She’s also a role model for young ladies having gone through a difficult battle with endometriosis and a very public breakup.

The Reality Star Is As Busy As Ever

As we reported Savannah Chrisley is getting ready to release her own haircare products.  The line, which includes a special hairdryer, should do well. People love her signature look. Her makeup line, Sassy by Savannah, is a best seller. Chrisley can do anything from cosmetics to fashion. If she came out with her own fitness line, it wouldn’t surprise her fans. She already shares her workouts and diet with her Instagram fans so it would be a natural next step.

Hopefully, the blonde beauty made it back to her house and was able to hydrate soon after sharing her walk. She showed dedication to getting in a workout because the day only got hotter.

Savannah Chrisley/Instagram
Savannah Chrisley/Instagram

What Choices Did Savannah Chrisley Make?

Fitness-minded Savannah Chrisley decided to head out for a walk. The Southern belle’s first mistake came with not being prepared to take a five-mile walk in ninety-plus-degree weather. She didn’t bring enough water to stay adequately hydrated. The reality star shared she’d accidentally drank all her water before she meant to and now had an empty bottle way before her walk was over. Dehydration happens quickly. This is especially true if you are carrying extra weight on such a hot day.

The next questionable decision she made was wearing a weighted vest for the trip. Once she got hot and it started feeling heavy, she couldn’t take it off so far from her starting point. She either had to keep going wearing it or carry it which would be just as hard. Savannah shared a video of herself walking and said, “not sure why I thought walking in 95-degree weather was a good idea.” The vest she wore weighed twenty pounds according to her.

Instagram, Savannah Chrisley

The bottle she drank from was Defiance Fuel and she tagged them in the story. The water is made for faster recovery from working out, because of their patented formula.

What do you think of her choices, do you think the heat went to her head? Comment with your thoughts down below.

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