Maddie Brown Brush Is Proud Of Her Mom Janelle & Here’s Why

Maddie Brown Brush- Janelle

Maddie Brown Brush and her mom, Janelle started a joint venture with health products. Not pushing too hard on promos, they nevertheless joined forces as Maddie persuaded her to try the products for herself. Apparently, they work quite well, judging by before and after photos. Now, Janelle’s daughter shouts out about how proud she feels of her mom.

Maddie Brown Brush & Janelle promote Plexus products

In January this year, news emerged that Kody’s second wife started up a business called Strive with Maddie. Her Sister Wives fans found out that she’s a Certified Health Coach via the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. She consults and focuses on fitness and wellbeing. A session with her costs $45 and there is a page full of merchandise for purchase. Actually, earlier in 2020, fans heard that she started doing promos for the Joyful Belly School of Ayurveda. Apparently, she also studied there for her counselor qualification.

Maddie Brown Brush told her fans in April this year that she “accidentally” got her mom interested in the Plexus products. That came in an Instagram post, but as she never gave away the name of the product it wasn’t clear what the product was. However these days, Janelle’s Link Tree takes fans to the product website. It looks like the Sister Wives star tried it at Maddie’s place and it worked for her. So, she and her daughter now promote them together. Actually, before and after photos show that Kody’s wife lost some weight in her face,

TLC star proud of her mom

On Friday this week, Maddie Brown Brush reshared a post that her mom previously posted on her Instagram. It revealed that the product Janelle uses helps with inflammation weight loss. Actually, it pretty much balances out the whole body if you read all the blurb. Fans don’t mind if TLC stars promo a product if it actually works. In the case of Janelle, it seems to. You can see the comparison photos below.

Maddie Brown Brush said in her post. “I wanna take a min to shoutout my mom @janellebrown117. She made a post not [too] long ago and I couldn’t be more proud of her. She trusted me on this wellness journey and her results are showing 😍🙌🏼.” Janelle Brown noted that losing weight isn’t just about shedding pounds, but about wellness and balance as well. It seems the best way to find out more is by sending direct messages to either Maddie or Janelle.

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Maddie Brown Brush Is Proud Of Her Mom Janelle & Here’s Why
Credit: Maddie Brown Brush | Instagram

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