‘Teen Mom 2’: Chelsea Houska Has A New Look And Fans Are Not Happy

Despite having left the franchise last year, Chelsea Houska remains one of the more popular Teen Mom 2 cast members. While she’s currently not as present in the public eye, the celeb’s fans do keep tabs via her social media. So far, most of Chelsea’s content points to her being in good health and doing relatively well post MTV. Her post today on Instagram, however, Houska looked a bit different than her fans remember. Now, her audience shaking their heads and saying enough is enough.

What’s going on with Chelsea? Read on to find out why Teen Mom 2 fans are worried about this reality mom‘s new look.

Teen Mom 2 Fans Love Chelsea Houska’s Natural Beauty

Until recently, fans of the Teen Mom franchise have always praised Chelsea Houska for being one of the few cast members who hasn’t undergone major cosmetic surgery. Many of the other moms on the show have at some point went under the knife during their time on air to correct what they feel are flaws in their appearance. Chelsea, however, was one of the few holdouts and her fans love that about her.

Today, a photo posted to Chelsea’s Instagram has left her fans wondering whether or not she succumbed to the temptation of cosmetic surgery. In a simple, up-close selfie, posted by the celeb – fans noticed that Chelsea’s lips appeared ‘a little lumpy.’ Almost immediately the comment sections on her latest posts blew up with comments from people calling her out for what they were calling a ‘botched lip procedure.’

Chelsea Houska Lip Selfie Instagram
Photo Credit – Chelsea Houska|Instagram

From Tasteful to Terrible

Chelsea has never tried to hide the fact that she has botox lip injections. In fact, this is something he has had several times before and has been very open with fans about it.  Unfortunately, fans felt like her photo today was telltale evidence that the reality personality had taken the botox habit ‘too far.’

Chelsea Houska Lip Injections Comments Reddit
Photo Credit: Reddit


The photo, which appeared early afternoon on Wednesday – is no longer published on the site. Fans however did get their hands on the images before they were taken down – and the Chelsea Houska subreddits have been having a heyday with them.

“That lip line looks blown out. Lumpy lips. Lumpy face” said one commenter. Another chimed in moments later with “Ooof. Girl, no.”

Fans Are Concerned with Her Provider Choices

Many fans were disappointed that Chelsea had the procedure at all – however, there was a greater number more concerned about where she got it. Chelsea’s father is a licensed dentist in the state of Illinois — which means he also has the legal capacity to provide botox injections for patients. Most dentists arent ‘trained’ in cosmetic procedures any further than a basic knowledge of how to give an injection. These fillers can lead to complications if not done properly. Dear ole Daddy Houska as spotted on social media basically bringing boxes of botox to friends and family and just doing rounds of injections outside of a medical facility.

Randy Houska Botox
Photo Credit: Chelsea Houska| SnapChat

In fact, Chelsea’s father gave injections at a house party a few years back. The photos ended up on Chelsea’s Snapchat. So, this has been going on since at least 2016. Fans worry that Chelsea’s Dad may be damaging the celeb’s face in the long run and that it might be time to give the fillers a break.

While the ‘lumpy’ look wasn’t flattering – it could just be the result of a recent injection. None of the commenters seemed to consider that swelling and puffiness from the actual injection may still be a factor in what they are seeing. We will continue to follow the story. Be sure to come back to TV Shows Ace daily for the latest on all your favorite reality tv celebs!

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