Jennifer Martone’s Boyfriend: Finds Love Again After Big Mike’s Death

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Fans of Unpolished know that Jennifer Martone and her girls lost their beloved patriarch in 2020. Big Mike was a huge support for his family and brightened up the show. The girls shared the aftermath of his unexpected battle with cancer and untimely death. Each of them dealt with their grief in their own way.

Lexi Martone threw herself into her work, Bria Martone threw herself into wedding planning, and Jennifer focused on the business and trying to run things without him. The show continued and remembered Big Mike. They especially remember what he gave to the women in his life. Now, it seems there might be a new man in Jenn’s life.

What Did Jennifer Martone Share On Her Instagram?

Jennifer Martone shares a picture with Joe Indart on Instagram, and captions it, “here’s something to talk about.” Fans lost their minds on the new picture. Of course, they had mixed reactions. Some were very supportive while others came off a bit judgemental. A look at Joe’s Instagram shows he is a well-known artist. He’s painted several murals and lots of pieces in support of police.

One fan said, “how can you start dating after losing your husband I don’t understand very disrespectful.” Another said, “dang it’s only been a year.” One fan had her back. She said, “every heals from loss differently, everyone deserves love when they’re ready.” Another said, “its okay to be happy. It doesn’t take away from the love and life you shared with Mike.”

One fan took special issue with people saying hurtful things. She said, “who do you people think you are with your opinions about moving on after big Mike passed away? Do you live her life? Do you walk in her shoes?” She went on to say she’s a good mother, friend, and daughter and this is her life.

Jennifer Martone, Instagram

Fans Wondered How Her Daughters Felt About It

One fan asked, “I’m wondering how the girls are taking it?” Jennifer Martone responds to them, “actually this was @leximartone idea she introduced me.” Another fan said, “please don’t explain yourself,” while another said, “she’s a grown woman and can do whatever she wants.”

Jennifer usually defends herself on social media. She certainly will defend her daughters if anyone says anything about them online. Now, it was their turn to come to her defense online. Her daughters also responded to the comments. Lexi said, “oh hello.” Bria said, “my beautiful mom who deserves the world.”

The girls were very close to their father, but want their mother to be happy. Fans love that they are being incredibly supportive. What do you think about Jenn’s new man? Comment with your thoughts down below.

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  1. that part of her life passed away with him.Let her live n be loved. I bet Mike wasn’t the easyest man to live with. Good luck now poor beautiful Lexi needs to find some one.I hope you come back on tv love the show n all of yous pass on Matt.

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