‘OutDaughtered’ Quints Enjoy A Favorite Summertime Activity [Photo]

Busby Quints

It’s summertime — and for the Outdaughtered clan, that means keeping six busy children  – including their infamous set of now 6-year-old quintuplets. While many parents would fold to the anxiety of having a large brood home for the summer break, Adam and Danielle Busby are old hands at this. What are these two super-parents doing to keep their soon-to-be first graders entertained? Read on to get the scoop.

Busy As a Busby

While the worldwide health crisis has kept everyone, including the Busby clan, staying safe indoors, times are getting better. The introduction of the Covid vaccine and lessened gathering restrictions have allowed the Outdaughtered fam to resume regular adventures. Fans of the show have enjoyed watching the family go off on their regular high-energy adventures. Adam and Danielle love to travel with their kids, often going on road trips to various destinations and planning fun experiences with their clan of kiddos.

Even though the last year, with the family’s home being worked on — and eventually sold — the Busby’s always found a way to keep their littles happy and entertained. Will that become more of a challenge as the quints step up in age? Probably. It seems though that Mom and Dad are ready for that challenge.

OutDaughtered Quints Enjoy A Favorite Summertime Activity

So what have the Busby kiddos been up to lately? Well, the family is just coming off the excitement of oldest sister Blayke‘s birthday. The family celebrated their eldest child back in April with a huge 5-day blow-out in honor of her 10th birthday. TV Shows Ace reported on the birthday extravaganza – which culminated in the Busby family’s Easter celebration.

Busby Quints
Photo Credit – @Itsabuzzworld | Instagram

Now that the hubbub of the family celebration has passed and school is officially out for the summer, Adam and Danielle are taking the opportunity to slow things out a bit. Recently, Mom and Dad posted a snap on their @itsabuzzworld Instagram page that featured all five of the younger siblings arm-in-arm, enjoying a fun night at home. 

“First Summer sleepover in the media room,” The accompanying post said. In the photo, all five of the Busby princesses were captured, snuggling in together with their arms around each other’s shoulders. The clan is posing on the floor, nestled into a brightly colored nest of blankets. All of the girls wore their hair down and loose and sported a pair of comfy pajamas. The clan seemed absolutely thrilled, each flashing a huge smile at the camera.

What’s Next for the Quints?

Right now, it seems that the Busby crew are just trying to enjoy their time together this summer. Danielle Busby, most especially, seems to be excited about the extra time with the kiddos – despite all of the crazy health issues she has had this year. Just like most fans, we look forward to seeing their fun and adventurous stories on social media — and hopefully new episodes with an OutDaughtered Season 9.

Unfortunately, as of right now – there is no definite confirmation on whether the show will be returning for another season. The pandemic, the mold situation, the move and, Danielle’s health have all complicated filming this year. This has lead to a bit of a cliffhanger ending for fans. The network has yet to release any info about whether they picked the show up for a new season. Adam and Danielle are also tight-lipped on the matter. So, fans remain anxious to see if their favorite family will be back for more adventures.

Stay tuned to TV Shows Ace for the latest updates on Quint life and for the latest news on a possible 9th season.

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