Maddie Brown Brush Plans Her Summer Vacation – What Is It?

Maddie Brown Brush Vacation

Maddie Brown Brush plans to fully enjoy her summer this year as they can travel again. A least this year, it becomes more acceptable for a vacation as long as people stay safe and social distance carefully. It looks like a break from her studies and home-keeping comes along soon, as she talked with her Sister Wives fans about vacation options. Now, she revealed which vacation she and her husband Caleb chose.

Maddie Brown Brush looks great this summer

Fans know that the TLC star looks fantastic these days. In fact, she recently shared herself dressed for summer in a sky-blue top and her sunglasses on. Out in the sunshine, she actually looked sizzling hot and sexy, fans thought. Clearly, the idea of relaxing in light clothes and enjoying a warm vacation already gets her in a good mood. The busy-bee mom studies and runs her home and raises her two kids Evie K and Axel. However, it’s also okay to look like a hot mom!

Maddie Brown Brush Puts On Busty Display In Sizzling Snap

As soon as the warmer weather arrived, Maddie Brown Brush started sharing photos of the kids enjoying the outdoors again. Back in April, she took the kids to the park, a favorite destination. There, she couldn’t resist giving them a warm-weather treat. Little Axel, aged four, seems so sweet with his little sister. He gladly let her have some of his snow cone. Actually, with Evie toddling around confidently these days on her false foot, and active Axel, they probably enjoy a lot of fun during their summer vacation.

Ideas for a summer vacation

Unfortunately, a lot of Instagram posts by Maddie Brown Brush come via her Instagram Stories, so they don’t stay up for long. However, she asked about ideas for kid-friendly holiday ideas. Plus, she asked for ideas about summer clothes for kids. Sister Wives fans know that they live in North Carolina, so she wasn’t planning on places like Florida.  Probably, with two little kids, they didn’t plan on a major mission traveling out of state. Sometimes, traveling a long way with small kids tuckers out the parents, which kind of misses the whole point of vacation.

On May 29, Maddie Brown Brush returned to her fans and told them that she took Axel for a summer haircut. Additionally, she told them that she and Caleb decided on taking a camping trip this summer. Well, camping and kids just go together so well once they are potty trained. Families love sitting around the fire and hiking or swimming in creeks. So, it sounds like a really fun vacation lies ahead. However, Maddie now needs some suggestions on where to camp. She told her TLC fans that they look for somewhere nice in North Carolina, “near the mountains.”

Perhaps they end up taking a summer vacation somewhere like Blue Bear Mountain Camp or in the Lake James State Park.

Maddie Brown Brush Plans Her Summer Vacation - What Is It
Credit: Maddie Brown Brush | Instagram Stories

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