See ADORABLE Video Of Jessa Seewald’s ‘Hardcore Strawberry Pickers’

Jessa Duggar Children

Jessa Seewald and Ben encourage their kids to enjoy the outdoors. Actually, the Counting On mom and dad seem like very caring parents. Never missing an opportunity for family fun, they make the most of not living in a huge city. Sometimes, they explore the wilderness, and other times, they visit places like the berry patch. Recently, the rain left a lot of mud in the patch, but that didn’t deter the TLC star’s little “hardcore berry pickers” very much.

Jessa Seewald and the kids pick strawberries with enthusiasm

No doubt, the recent loss of a tooth won’t stop Spurgeon from tucking into those strawberries. Soft and juicy and delicious, they are wonderful with cream or ice cream. Or perhaps his mom bakes a berry pie for the family? We reported that the milestone tooth that fell out came just days before they all enjoyed picking strawberries this week. Actually, he seems so thrilled as he expected a “dollar” for his tooth. Perhaps his mom considers giving him a dollar for his hard work in the berry patch as well.  Jokes aside, the kids really worked hard at bringing in the produce.

Jessa Seewald Shares Exciting Family Update

A little bit of mud never hurt anyone and the kids might be used to inclement weather conditions. After all, Jessa Seewald and Ben often get the kids outdoors as they explore the wilds. In fact, they shared a wonderful family outing in the woods in August last year. Even little Ivy Jane went along, carried by her dad in a special harness. At one stage, Ben taught the boys how to make stakes to frighten off any bears that might come along. On other occasions, Counting On fans saw the boys found insects, frogs, and even small reptiles on their adventures.

Hardcore berry pickers might make mom very happy

As TLC fans know, Jessa carries her fourth child, and People Magazine revealed she loves berries. Pregnant with Henry, Jessa Seewald shared all the yummy cravings she experienced. They included things like frozen yogurt, chicken nuggets, and berries. Likely, she loves the determination the adorable kids revealed when they slipped and slid in the mud while gathering berries. Even little Ivy Jane plodded along in the damp conditions, helping out.

At least this time, Jessa Seewald and the kids get to eat something nice after their outdoor experience. We’re pretty sure that summer brings more visits to the berry patch for the whole family.

What are your thoughts on the kids who seemed determined to pick those strawberries despite the muddy conditions? Sound off in the comments below. You can watch the adorable video HERE.

See ADORABLE Video Of Jessa Seewald’s ‘Hardcore Strawberry Pickers’
Credit: Jessa Seewald | Instagram

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