Sarah Herron Details Intense Emotions Ahead Of IVF

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Sarah Herron recently got engaged to her photographer beau Dylan Brown. The Bachelor alum is ready for her own happy ending after failing to find love as a contestant on Sean Lowe’s season. She tried again twice in Paradise and then decided to find a soul mate out of the spotlight. She’s been open about the fact she and Dylan would struggle to conceive after being diagnosed with diminished ovarian reserve.

She still is ready to become a mother and start her family. After showing off her ring she said she’d wait another lifetime for Dylan. Sarah is happy to do things on her own terms. She said life doesn’t have to go in a specific order. Herron said, “we make each other better, we have so much fun and we’re going to become parents together.” On Bachelor Happy Hour she talked with the hosts about freezing her eggs and the things she stresses about with the upcoming IVF process.

Sarah Herron Is Getting Ready For An Intense Process

Sarah Herron got to share her amazing rock and a killer view from Dylan’s proposal in Colorado. Since her diagnosis she’s taking a fertility drug according to Us Weekly. Talking to Becca Kufrin and Catherine Giudici about freezing her eggs, she found Becca had seen the same doctor when she froze hers. She shared, “Is it going to be really intense for me emotionally, mentally, physically? I think I’m just, like, ‘What’s this going to do to my brain?’”

She reiterated she is very nervous. Sarah opened up she’s on some medication for mental health that gave her pause on the hormones she had to take.

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She Described TTC As An Emotional Rollercoaster

Sarah Herron said despite being excited, the process can be stressful. She said, “every time you start to go up, then you kind of inevitably crash. You just kind of get used to that cycle, unfortunately.” Sarah said she is hoping for the best on the first try. She’s realistic and knows that sometimes it takes more than once to get a successful pregnancy. Herron expressed she feels like she is in great hands. Fans shared their support for her journey and their gratitude for her sharing. One said, “Sarah you are incredible. Your honest conversation is so heartfelt.”

Recently sharing about her struggle to conceive and her diagnosis she was very open on her Instagram. She said, “It’s hard not to feel broken—but I know this is just information to know myself better—to know my relationships, priorities, and values, better.” She went on to say she doesn’t feel sorry for herself and is in a good headspace. What do you think about Sarah Herron’s journey? Share your thoughts below.

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