TLC’s Debbie Johnson Reveals Massive Heartbreak

TLC's Debbie Johnson - Mother Debbie

TLC’s Debbie Johnson, also known as Mother Debbie on 90 Day Fiance revealed a throwback photo of her mom. It came on the occasion of her mom’s birthday. Clearly, she thought about her a lot, as her birthday comes close to the day her mom passed away. Well, this week, Colt’s mom revealed more massive heartbreak.

TLC’s Debbie Johnson, aka Mother Debbie, shares a heartbreaking post

We reported that on May 21, The 90 Day Fiance star posted up a throwback photo of her mom. She told her fans that she remembered her mom on her birthday. In her caption, Mother Debbie Johnson wrote, “Happy Birthday Mom. You were [taken] from us so very long ago. You were needed elsewhere.” Then she talked about how much she misses her mom. However, she thinks her mom leaves dimes around to remind her that she thinks of her. Naturally, she sounded a bit sad, as the loss of a loved one never really goes away completely.

Is Mother Debbie Johnson Getting Spiritual Messages From Her Mom?

TLC’s Debbie Johnson loves cats so much that people who agree they are gorgeous and spiritual animals love her for that. Recall, she passed on the love of animals to her son Colt. In fact, back in November last year, Colt sat outside and talked about relaxing with his cat to get rid of stress. Plus, fans often saw Mother Debbie and her son on the Pillow Talk couch with cats. Back in August 2019, Colt talked about their cat “Cookie Dough and her friends” appearing on the show with them.

Mother Debbie Colt Cookie Dough 90 Day Fiance TLC
Credit: Colt Johnson | Instagram

Well, Cookie dough is only part of this story, so that’s not why Debbie feels so heartbroken now.

Debbie mourns a beloved cat very deeply

Fans know that TLC’s Debbie Johnson and Colt’s new wife Vanessa bonded over cats. Actually, they joked about the cats she keeps on a post about celebrating the birthday of Mother Debbie. Hopefully, she reached out to her mother-in-law as she lost one of her special furry friends. Actually, fans who watch 90 Day Fiance and Pillow Talk possibly recognize the cat that passed away. The cat that died is “Sugar baby Cookie Dough’s sister, [who] passed away last Friday,” Debbie said this week.

Fans of TLC’s Debbie Johnson probably recognize the cat from Pillow Talk and other scenes. Mother Debbie added to her caption, saying, “She actually passed away on my mom’s heavenly birthday. I am just now able to deal with this.” However, she also seems glad that her kitty didn’t suffer. Aged 14, the special furbaby “went to sleep and never woke up.” Sadly, the 90 Day Fiance star said they wait for the ashes of their family member. Finally, she noted, “She is now with my mom and her brother “Spikie” and my late husband. 💕🙏😭😪😹”

Many fans sent in their thoughts and sorrow. After all, losing a pet seems just as hard to deal with as losing any family member. R.I.P Sugar Baby.

TLC's Debbie Johnson Cat Sugar Baby Died
Credit: Savage Debbie | Instagram

Remember to check back with us often for more news about TLC’s Debbie Johnson from 90 Day Fiance. Did you also love to see Mother Debbie with her cat Sugar Baby on the show? Sound off in the comments below.

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  1. Just a story to make people feel sorry for Debbie. Everyone seems to like Debbie — except for me. I find her repulsive and the more she drinks, the harder it is to understand her words. I can’t believe people can’t see through the fact she is a “closet” drinker. As soon as she has a few, she’s outspoken, rude, nosy, crude, and disrespectful. In a word, (or 4) I can’t stand her. Once her true colors come through to Tony, he will likely send her back to Las Vegas and she will again be at the mercy of Colt.

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