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Will Dr. Joe Park Join Other Singles On ‘Bachelor In Paradise?’

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Joe Park charmed fans on Clare Crawley and later Tayshia Adams’ season of The Bachelorette. A lot of fans want to know if he is going to take a trip to Paradise.  Joe hung out with other cast members since the end of the season but hasn’t been linked romantically yet. He and Brendan Morias have an especially close bromance. Joe also hangs out with Bennett Jordan, Riley Christian, Ed Waisbrot, and Kenny Braasch.

Dr. Joe Park is an anesthesiologist from New York City. He has been sharing information about the Coronavirus and the vaccine on his feed, which a lot of people appreciate. One fan said, “thanks for using your platform for educating your followers! Found this super helpful.”

When asked if he would give love another shot on the beach, he said it was a good question. According to Bachelor Nation, he said, “I’m not sure. I’m still unsure, looking and reading the tea leaves, looking at the star signs, you know, normal stuff.”

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 The Reality Star Shared A Bit Of This And That

In an interview with Bachelor Nation, he shared a bit of This and That with listeners. When it comes to podcasts or radio, he chooses podcasts. He said, “why would you only hear the last 25 seconds of a song you don’t want to hear… in between commercials.” Joe also mentioned the annoying commercials for a local car dealership you have to deal with.

When asked if he is pro dating apps or no dating apps, he chose no. Joe said, “been dating app sober for over a year.” Between neon or monochrome, he liked monochrome unless wearing a beanie. Park prefers cocktails over champagne, “unless there’s some mezcal-infused champagne he doesn’t know about.” Between books and movies, it’s books. He said when you read, “you create the movie in your head.”

What Does Dating Look Like For Joe Park?

Joe Park mostly used dating apps before going on The Bachelorette to meet women. He had a busy career and spent a lot of time on the COVID frontlines. He says he prefers dressing a little fancy over athleisure. Joe said he wears pajamas to work so he has to change things up some. He prefers dining in instead of delivery, “soak it in. Make it worth your while.”

A lot of people want Joe to be the next Bachelor. One fan said, “I swear to goodness, ABC if you don’t make this swoon-able Dr. the next Bachelor… thanks.” Another said, “I hope you get to be the bachelor one day. I feel like good guys tend to get skipped over, and you deserve another chance!”

Do you want to see Joe on the beach looking for love? Comment with your thoughts down below.

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