Astrid Loch Of ‘BIP’ Shared The Good, Bad, & Ugly Of IVF

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Astrid Loch posted her fertility journey on Instagram sharing all the things that come along with it. She said her pictures and the blog are just a small part of the journey.  Astrid wanted to let fans know that getting pregnant wasn’t an easy journey for them.

She said she couldn’t control her emotions with the hormones. Astrid wanted to answer questions about the process but, “just scratches the surface of IVF.” Kevin Wendt sweetly posted on her picture, “our baby is going to be so lucky to have you as a mom. Can’t wait.”

Astrid shared a picture of herself looking exhausted and another of her belly. She said she couldn’t believe “the insane bloat in the days that followed,” sharing, “yup, that’s not a baby belly.”

Astrid Loch Said They Suffered Silently

Astrid Loch can’t express the relief she feels being pregnant with her first child. According to People, she said it wasn’t easy to get to that point. She said the first thing they connected over was looking forward to having children. One of their main goals together was to start a family.

The two met on the fifth season of Bachelor in Paradise. Astrid said, “Coming down the stairs to tell Kevin it didn’t work again was the thing I dreaded most each month.” Loch said he always comforted her. Going through it during COVID made things harder because Kevin couldn’t go with her to the appointments. He couldn’t be there for the first IUI.

Bachelor Nation shared their support for the couple sharing their journey. Kendall Long said, “You are such a strong woman to go through all of this.” Becca Kufrin said, “So well written, thank you for sharing this with the world.” Sharleen Joynt said, “Gosh that was so beautifully and vividly written—thank you for sharing this personal, difficult, but incredibly helpful journey with us.”

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Fans Appreciated Her Sharing Behind The Scenes

Astrid Loch said she shared because she wanted to take away some of the stigmas currently on talking about infertility. Fans love the couple and hold them up as representative of what successful Bachelor love looks like. Many fans also responded to her post and thanked her for sharing. Fans agree despite infertility affected women of all ages, it’s not talked about that often. They feel like it’s important to talk about it because there is such a stigma on discussing it.

One said, “Wanted to say thank you for your courage and candidness in sharing your story.” Another fan said, “So many CONGRATULATIONS to you and are beautiful and glowing..and thank you for sharing your journey.” What do you think of Astrid sharing her infertility story with her fans? Comment with your thoughts down below.

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