22K & Counting: Petition For TLC To Cancel Duggars Goes Viral

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Over 22 thousand people have virtually signed a petition calling for TLC to cancel the Duggars. The petition exploded with co-signers after the dirty details came out of the content Josh Duggar allegedly had stashed on his computer. Has the network responded to the petition in any way? 

Feds Detail Allegations of  HORRIFYING Photos Found on Josh Duggar’s Computer 

On April 29, news broke that former TLC star Josh Duggar was under arrest by federal agents. He is the oldest Duggar son and was featured on TLC’s 19 Kids & Counting. However, that show was canceled in 2015 after a police report about Josh Duggar was leaked. In the report, Josh Duggar admits to molesting several underage girls, including his sisters. The statute of limitations had already passed, so he never faced charges. 

Josh Duggar was also the center of a scandal a few months later after a hack revealed he was a client of the Ashley Madison website. He publicly apologized for cheating on his wife, blaming it on a porn addiction. 

But the Duggars returned to television a few months later in the rebranded Counting On. The show was supposedly different because Josh Duggar wasn’t in it. However, his wife, Anna Duggar, did appear on the show. 


Jill Duggar Dillard’s husband called out the network after Josh Duggar’s recent arrest. According to Derick Dillard, the only difference between the two shows was the name. 

On May 5, the full extent of the charges against Josh Duggar came to light during a bond hearing. Despite allegations of possessing hundreds of images of child s*x abuse, Duggar was released pending his trial. 

Petition to Cancel Duggars Goes Viral,

The reason for Josh Duggar’s detainment came within a day of his arrest. News broke after his arraignment on April 30th that he was facing two counts related to possessing the explicit images. Shortly afterward, a petition popped up on change.org. As we reported at the time, the petition had around 350 signatures in the day following Duggar’s arrest. 

However, as of May 8, the petition boasts over 22K signatures. The petition exploded after details of the disturbing content that Josh Duggar allegedly downloaded. Blogger Katie Joy has been closely following and sharing information with her followers about the Duggar family. 

The petition went viral after she shared it on her Instagram @withoutacrystalball. That public exposure boosted the petition by at least a couple thousand signatures. 

Credit: @withoutacrystalball
Cancel Duggars petition/Credit: @withoutacrystalball

Click here to view and sign the petition. 

The petition goes beyond just canceling Counting On. It demands that TLC remove all Duggar-related shows from television and streaming. 

Hulu has already removed Duggar content, though it’s unclear if the decision was related to Josh Duggar’s arrest. 

Has TLC Responded Yet? 

The purpose of the petition is to pressure TLC into action. Immediately after Josh Duggar’s arrest, they released a statement distancing themselves from him. Their statement made clear that Josh Duggar hadn’t appeared on the network since 2015. 

The network has yet to respond in any way to the petition. 

What’s the Next Step in Josh Duggar’s Legal Battles?

Josh Duggar was in jail for exactly one week before he was released with strict conditions. For one, he can’t be around any children. The judge made an exception for his own six children, but his wife has to be present at all times. 

The former reality star will be back in court on July 1 for pre-trial hearing. The trial will begin on July 6. 

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