Israel Dillard Catching Fish Barehanded With Brother Sam

Israel & Sam Dillard

Israel & Sam Dillard seem like very lucky little boys as their parents, Jill and Derick Dillard seem great with the kids. Actually, a steady stream of videos and photos comes from Jill via her YouTube and her Instagram. While fans don’t see them on Counting On anymore, at least they keep their fans constantly updated. In fact, these days their popularity grows as Derick outed his father-in-law about contracts and TLC payments. This week, Jill shared another set of photos of the kids enjoying outdoor fun with their parents. Fans love it that she keeps her Instagram real.

Israel & Sam Dillard raised differently from the Duggar family

Jill and Derick seem determined to do things their own way. Derick studies law and  Jill takes care of the home and the two boys. While she homeschools Sam, probably he soon follows big brother Israel into public school. At the moment, Jill and Derick don’t seriously consider any further kids and maybe they will wait for their financial situation to improve. Derick’s very intelligent and no doubt passes his exam for the bar on his first attempt. Something else to consider is that her boys are now just the right age for the whole family to enjoy their outings together.

Israel Dillard Minnow instagram

Israel & Sam Dillard often feature out and about with Derick and Jill. They visit animal safari parks, or they go down to the creek and paddle around in the water. Actually, it seems fitting that a recent family portrait revealed the boys holding their parents’ hands in a rural setting. Sometimes, Jill takes them out with her when she goes shopping with her cousin Amy King. These days as she seems estranged from Michelle and Jim Bob, she finds much-needed company with Amy. Bear in mind, Amy seemed rather too worldly for Jill’s religious parents.

Outdoor fun with mom and dad over the weekend

Israel & Sam Dillard went off with Jill and Derick to the creek over the weekend. Jill shared how much they enjoyed themselves. In her caption, she said, “We had fun last weekend getting outside and enjoying some beautiful Arkansas weather! ☀️” Then she noted, “💦It was our first time back to the creek this year and Sam was all about splashing in the water!” Jill even said that “Israel…caught a minnow with his bare hands.” They also played around… on the basketball court. 🏀

In the photos, Israel & Sam Dillard looked so happy and Sam smiled the sweetest smile ever, fans agreed. In the comments section, people really liked that Jill just shares pics of their family out and about doing real things. Not staged, or done for too many promos, they see the real deal from the Counting On alums. One fan commented, “What I like about your posts is that you post stuff just as you are.”

Another fan agreed, writing, “Not staging anything! All natural!”

Israel & Sam Dillard Enjoy Outdoor Fun With Jill And Derick
Credit: Jill Dillard | Instagram

What are your thoughts on Israel & Sam Dillard and their parents who seem so very natural and real in comparison to some other members of the Duggar family? Sound off your thoughts in the comments below.

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