Danielle Busby Flies Away For Much Needed Girl Time

Danielle Busby with friends

Danielle Busby went through a very worrying time with her health. Fans know she stressed a lot about it as the OutDaughtered show revealed that she cried about possible heart surgery. Now, she takes a break from the family and heads off with friends on a girl time break. No more naughty quints for a while. No more husband worries, and no more driving Blayke to her various cities for a few days. It certainly seems like a good idea for her to relax with friends for a bit. Hopefully, she also forgets about her health issues for a few days as well.

Danielle Busby hopefully enjoys time without stress

OutDaughtered fans really worry about the TLC star right now. After all, a lot of the show has been dedicated to her health in Season 8. This month, fans saw that the quints’ mom ended up wearing a heart monitor. She and Adam explained to the kids what it does. Later, fans saw that she stressed a lot as she and Adam talked with a heart specialist online. She really fears surgery and hopes she doesn’t have to have her chest cracked open. Most TLC fans pray for her, but occasionally a troll accuses her of drama.

‘OutDaughtered’ Troll Questions Danielle’s Stress Levels About Her Heart

However, it seems unlikely that the network lined up health professionals to go along with a scripted show.

In other scenes on OutDaughtered, fans see that the quints pretty much drive Danielle Busby crazy with their bickering whenever they go anywhere Actually, this week, a fan questioned how the TLC parents discipline them. After all, they saw Riley, now aged six, throw a temper tantrum in the car. Certainly, the stress of all the kids probably wears Danielle down on top of her worries about her health. So, now she went off with friends for girl time, fans love the idea of that.

Adam already misses his wife who went for some girl time

Danielle Busby shared two photos of herself with friends on April 26. They went on their vacation together on a plane. One TLC fan commented that she and her friends are “jet setting.” In her caption, the OutDaughtered mom wrote, “Just two besties going to meet their other bestie for some much needed girl time!” Well, Adam saw her post and he commented, “Miss you already! I know you guys are going to have a blast this week❤️” So, it looks like she takes a nice long break away from home.

Obviously, Danielle Busby adores her family. Plus, she and Adam look very much in love. However, everyone enjoys just being with friends now and again. Hopefully, she really enjoys herself and returns refreshed. Plenty of fans wished her a relaxing and fun time. However, others noticed Adam’s comments. One of them said to him, “love that you recognize Danielle needs alone time with her girls sometimes (and vice versa for you). THAT’S how you keep a solid relationship 👏👏👏”

Danielle Busby Flies Away For Much Needed Girl Time
Credit: Danielle Busby | Instagram

What do you think about Danielle Busby getting away from it all with her friends for some girl time? Do you agree that it’s awesome that Adam seems to have no problems with it? Sound off in the comments below.

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