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‘Bachelor’ Alum Ashley Spivey Shares Shocking Announcement Ahead Of IVF Plans

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Bachelor alum Ashley Spivey went to social media Wednesday to share a shocking announcement with fans. Recall, Ashley and her husband have endured great loss when trying to grow their family. She has suffered miscarriages and last year her son passed away in utero near the end of her pregnancy. Ashley has endured ongoing fertility struggles and began to share her latest journey in her desire to have children. Today, there was a bit of a plot twist.

Ashley Spivey shares shocking plot twist with fans

Ashley went to Instagram to share her exciting and shocking news. In February, Ashley and her husband began the journey of harvesting and freezing her eggs. They were going to wait until May to have the embryos implanted. Ashley wanted to give her body a little more time to rest and recover. However, sometimes things do not go as planned in our minds.

Ashley shared an exciting photo on Instagram. An ultrasound photo indicating that she is pregnant. She said, “plot twist🤰🏼. As y’all all know, I just went through the IVF process and we had decided to freeze the embryos to give my body a little more time to rest. We planned on transferring in May but I should have known, as with many parts of my life – if you want to make God laugh, tell him your plans.”

She went on to share she is six weeks pregnant. Ashley said she couldn’t wait to share her exciting news. She refuses to be scared of jinxing her pregnancy by announcing it to the world. She said, “I’m scared and I’m nervous but I’m also overjoyed. I’d be lying if I said that I’m not constantly thinking of CJ but I have to think that he had a little part in this.”

The timing of her due date

Ashley went on to say that things work in mysterious ways. She said, “The due date is December 9 but my MFMA told me in a previous meeting that she wanted me to deliver at 37 weeks. That means this lil seed baby will arrive sometime between the days that my Dad and CJ died. It’s like they knew I needed something to get me through November ❤️.”

This is truly exciting for Ashley and her husband. Fans can’t wait to follow and support her throughout her pregnancy.

Her loss

Ashley shared a photo on February 1 marking the due date of her son who passed away. The photo shared his name, his urn and also a little shirt. She said, “Today was CJ’s due date. Instead of bringing our boy home today, we brought him home early in December in this beautiful urn. Every morning I hold him close to me and wish that things were different. That my heart wasn’t broken into a million pieces. That I just would have made it to the hospital a little sooner.”

Ashley waited a long time to have a family. Her fans are sending positive thoughts her way as she embarks on this journey.


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