Courtney Waldrop ‘Can’t Wait’ To Do This Busby Inspired Activity

Courtney Waldrop - Danielle Busby

Courtney Waldrop, Sweet Home Sextuplets star, raises nine kids, and three of them are little girls. Now she saw that Danielle Busby shared what her kids do, she says she can’t wait for her own kids to get a bit older. Well, fans can’t get enough of the Busby girls. Additionally, the Waldrop kids become cuter by the day. So, a crossover activity might keep TLC fans entertained in years to come.

Courtney Waldrop follows Danielle Busby on Instagram

TLC stars often follow each other as they share common interests. In the case of Courtney from Sweet Home Setuples, she and Danielle from OutDaughtered both raise a lot of kids. Fans saw Danielle and Adam struggle with their five quints when they went through the dreaded potty training phase. In a previous season, TLC fans saw Courtney and Eric face the same problems. The complication came as Courtney and Erica lived in a trailer while their home underwent renovations. Naturally, the two moms of multiples could talk about chaos and kids until the cows come home.

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Like Danielle, Courtney Waldrop gets busy in the kitchen baking for all those hungry tummies. Just like Danielle Busby, fans see the Waldrop kids visiting the playground. Additionally, fans also see that Courtney takes her kids to watch the older brothers play baseball and basketball. Likewise, Danielle takes her quints along to watch Blayke play games as well. Actually, fans might wonder if the two moms spend a lot of time on the phone talking about their kids. So, it’s no wonder that the Sweet Home Sextuplets star followed Danielle on Instagram.

Busby-inspired activity impresses Sweet Home Sextuplets mom

OutDaughtered fans saw that Danielle’s girls went to ballet classes. In fact, Parker Kate really took to it alongside her sister, Hazel. Fans loved that Parker enjoyed it so much. Recall, she previously seemed anxious and insecure. When Danielle posted a photo on Monday, Courtney Waldrop liked it a lot. The picture showed Hazel and Parker in their ballet outfits and Danielle talked about the end of the dancing season. Of course, lots of fans adored the photo as Hazel looked so cute and Parker looked relaxed and poised.

The Sweet Home Sextuplets star commented as well. She wrote, “How cute they are!!💗 can’t wait for my girls to take dance!!!.” Well, one fan agreed that Courtney Waldrop will certainly enjoy watching her cute girls dancing when they get a bit bigger. Nevertheless, the fan also cautioned her that over the years the costs add up. Mind you, one of her kids did ballet for 10 years.

The personalities of the sextuplets kids start emerging and it certainly seems as if  Rawlings, Rayne, and Rivers would enjoy ballet.

Courtney Waldrop ‘Can’t Wait’ To Do This Busby Inspired Activity
Credit: Danielle Busby | Instagram

The Child Development Institute says that ballet teaches kids balance, self-confidence, and self-discipline. They also become very “comfortable performing” in front of an audience.

Do you think that Courtney Waldrop will see her kids do the same Busby-inspired activity one day? Would you enjoy seeing the girls dancing in a future TLC season? Sound off in the comments below.

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