Riley & Hazel Busby Visit The Dentist, Fans Adore Sweet Hazel’s Attitude

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Riley & Hazel Busby went for their routine dentist visit and this time, Adam took the quints there. Actually, Danielle took them for their last routine visit in October 2020. Sometimes, the OutDaughtered parents split their duties as it seems way too overwhelming taking all six daughters at once. Mind you, this time, perhaps mom, Danielle Busby let Adam do it as she worries about her health.

Riley & Hazel Busby visit the dentist together

In October, when Danielle took bright-spark Riley and cute Hazel to the dentist, everything seemed okay. Actually, it seems that Hazel and Riley always go together for their appointments. This time, Adam took the girls, and sometimes, he also takes Blayke and other quints when their turn comes around. However, fans know from the OutDaughtered show, that Danielle worries about her health. The TLC show reveals that she wears a heart monitor to keep track of her health. She fears she might face heart surgery, and tries taking things a bit slower these days.

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Of course, that’s another story so while fans await the outcome, Adam shares almost daily photos of the girls. Proud of how brave the kids were at the dentist, he likes that they made it easy on him. After all, any parent with little kids knows that dentist visits sometimes end up like a nightmare.

No dental emergency this time for Hazel

A week after Riley & Hazel Busby visited the dentist in October, news emerged that something went wrong. So, Adam and Danielle pulled her from class for some emergency work. Apparently, X-rays revealed a chip in her tooth toward the back of her mouth. So, poor Hazel had work done. TLC fans know that dental treatments can be uncomfortable, to say the least. However, it looks like Hazel might have had a better visit this time.

Adam posted up about the dental visit on April 13. He explained that he took Riley & Hazel Busby there. Additionally, he noted, ” How many dads out there can say having two kids with you at the dentist is a breeze..?” Well, Riley possibly felt a bit nervous at first. OutDaughtered fans couldn’t help but notice that little Hazel sweetly held her sister’s hand.  Later, Riley gave a thumbs up, before Hazel took her turn in the chair. After their visit, the two girls went for some milkshakes.

Fans chat about Hazel’s sweet attitude to her sister

The cute gesture when Riley & Hazel Busby visited the dentist drew in a lot of comments. One TLC fan noted, “I love how Hazel was so supportive, holding Riley’s hand. That’s so cute!”

Another fan wrote, “Hazel holding riri’s hand! Cute ❤️.” Similarly, this comment also popped up: “Hazel holding Riley’s hand is the sweetest thing ever 😍😍.”

Certainly, it looks like Hazel just upped her popularity stakes with OutDaughtered fans. A follower commented, “I love the way your girls love each other! Even though they don’t always agree they always love. Look at lil adorable Hazel taking care of her sister. Love it!

Riley & Hazel Busby Visit The Dentist, Fans Adore Sweet Hazel's Attitude
Credit: Adam Busby | Instagram

What did you think of Riley & Hazel Busby visiting the dentist? Do you think Hazel’s attitude’s simply the sweetest ever? Sound off in the comments below.

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