Victoria Fuller Of ‘The Bachelor’ Says She’s Saving Herself

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Victoria Fuller recently went out with other Bachelor nation alumni. Fuller finished in the top three of Peter Weber’s season. Ultimately, she went home for him to battle himself over Madison Prewett and Hannah Ann Sluss. Victoria celebrated her best friend, another contestant from Peter’s season, Kelsey Weier, Several of the men were there including Chasen Nick and Blake Horstmann. Some fans wonder if there will be another Stage Coach situation with everyone hanging out before Paradise.

Keeping it in the family, she also dated Chris Soules after competing on The Bachelor. That relationship also fizzled out and now she’s single. She posted a picture of herself on a boat in a bikini. She captured it, “just dropped my new single, it’s me, I’m single.” Both Kelsey and Chris Randone said, “love that for you.” Her story currently features pictures of her in Miami. It also shows her drinking beer in a dog park.

Bachelor in Paradise participants haven’t been announced yet. Victoria is certainly one people think should be on the beach. The reality star says life changed since The Bachelor. That could mean Paradise may not be in her future.

What Did Victoria Fuller Say Is Different Now?

Victoria Fuller went on Click Bait with Bachelor Nation and talked about joining a new Christian Community. The twenty-seven-year-old said she’d grown up Catholic. Victoria said according to People, “everything I did was judged, or I always felt like I was doing something wrong. I never felt accepted.”

Speaking to Tayshia Adams, Joe Amabile, and Natasha Parker she spoke about herself in the third person. She said, “she’s saving herself for marriage.” The new community showed her a different way. A place where God is forgiving. Her relationships with men and going onto a reality television show changed her perspective about a lot.

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Moving Forward She’s Looking At Dating Differently

Victoria also said her relationship with Peter was hard to come from. The two fought while she was on the show and his dynamic with her was a lot different than the other girls. She said, “coming out of that was so hard for me. So, to find community and to know that the Lord really does love me and forgives me and there’s mercy and grace, that’s just everything to me now.”

About dating Chris, Fuller said they were in different places in life. Fuller said, “I think he’s an amazing man.” Victoria told Click Bait asks two things on a date. One is, “what’s your relationship with the Lord? Two is, “what are your intentions.” What do you think about Victoria’s new stance in life? Do you think this will stop her from going to the beach? Comment with your thoughts below.

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