‘600-Lb. Life’ Dr. Now Comes For Tammy Slaton On Instagram: See Photo

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Fans of 1000-Lb. Sisters want a My 600-Lb. Life crossover featuring Tammy Slaton and Dr. Now. Fans of the two TLC series think Dr. Now could help Tammy Slaton finally shed some serious weight. They hope his strict diet in a controlled environment could save her from her addiction to food. Turns out, Dr. Now of My 600-Lb. Life follows Tammy Slaton. And, he made an appearance during a recent Instagram Live. Fans of the two TLC shows didn’t take long to notice Dr. Now in the comments. And, they were quick to call attention to him.

What did Dr. Now have to say to the 1000-Lb Sisters star? Keep reading for the scoop.

My 600-Lb. Life star Dr. Now comes for Tammy Slaton on Instagram

Turns out, 1000-Lb. Sisters fans were not alone in tuning in when Tammy Slaton when live on Instagram recently. Dr. Now from My 600-Lb. Life also tuned in. He didn’t have a lot to say to her. But, what he say was noticed by those who tuned in to watch Tammy Slaton go live on Instagram. So, what did he say to Tammy Slaton? Well, it was just one simple word.


That one simple word caught the attention of many of those watching Tammy Slaton’s live. Why did Dr. Now say “wow”? Was he surprised by something? Despite being just one word… That word can be taken a few different ways. Unsurprisingly, fans of 1000-Lb. Sisters and My 600-Lb. Life were quick to put meaning behind this single word.

Tammy Slaton Instagram

What do fans think he meant by the word ‘wow’?

A few fans encouraged Dr. Now to “come for Tammy” and “get her.” Some begged Dr. Now to get Tammy Slaton the help she needed. Unsurprisingly, a few were pretty skeptical this was actually “THE” Dr. Now commenting on Tammy’s live. Could this be a fake account? It was certainly a possibility. There are a few faux Dr. Now accounts on Instagram. But, we at Tv Shows Ace ran the display name that showed up in the chat the way it was written. It does not turn up any results.

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Whether this was really Dr. Now or a fake account… Fans of these two TLC shows were more or less on the same page. Tammy Slaton needed Dr. Now in her life. And, they wished he would really come for her and change her life.

Do you think Dr. Now really did just come for Tammy Slaton on Instagram? Is this a TLC crossover you would be open to watching? Share your thoughts with us on what “wow” might mean in the comments.

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  1. Tammy’s family have been wonderfully supportive. It’s Tammy that doesn’t want to help herself. Amy and Chris deserve to have their own lives without having to continually support their sister who does nothing but berate them at every turn. If Tammy wants to slowly kill herself – that’s her right. I wish things would change but let’s face it, Tammy has a lot of issues and her attitude is one of the biggest.

    1. THANK YOU!!!! She does not want to loose weight!!!!!! The first thing she did when she got out of the nursing home was go straight to BBW website and get herself another “Feeder” Come on now, how many times has she lost 60-80-40lbs only to gorge herself and end up putting it all back on plus more. She is pathetic. No excuse to be that size unless you truly want to. The most sickening part is when she’s got that ugly puss on her face because SHE can’t fit through a door and starts yelling at Michael for not pushing her 600+ lb massive haul correctly. That is just sick and Amy just tiptoes around her like a bitch. Thank God for Chris, at least he stands up to her. Stop acting like she can’t do anything for herself. Stop making it EASY for her. Give poor Michael and Chris’s back a break before she actually hurts one of them. Hold her accountable to get up and WALK. Shame on her. Stop feeling sorry for her because she’s FAT. She can’t walk because she’s FAT!!!!!!! She has legs, Some people don’t.

      1. THANK YOU !!!! It makes me so mad to watch her yell at the only people that actually care about her …… NO ONE OWES HER ANYTHING !!!! They all need to walk away and let her do it on her own ,let’s see how far it goes …

        1. Shes a bitch! Who wants attetion she thinks everyone owes her wrong! Leave her to her own demise before she brings everyone else with her no one owes her anything maybe if left alone she will do or die!

        2. I feel it’s Tammy’s own fault that she is that size. She needs too get off her butt. And do thing’s for herself

    2. I agree Tammy has Alot of issues to deal with first and foremost her attitude toward her sister Amy and Brother Chris then her nasty attitudes she get with her fans friends etc. I’m also a heavy female I’ve been heavy all my life but after my childhood my weight is all on me. She needs to understand she is her problem she is the one that puts the over abundance of food in her body and she is the one that cóntinues to sit on her arse and not excerice and keep her mobility noone is to blame for how she is except for herself. She’s quick to blame Amy for buying the wrong foods well Tammy get up off your arse and go buy your own food. Get up and clean your house and cook your own food and stop thinking the world owes you something

  2. I don’t think Tammy really wants to change. You would have thought by now she would have grasped what The Doctors, nurses and family are laying down for her loose weight or your going to die. I have not seen much of this show but at this point I think it’s terrible to keep show casing Tammy and giving her so much attention so she can continue to fight and abuse her sister. She is selfish a liar also she is an animal abuser!! Stop shining a spot light on such a terrible unhealthy person! Maybe cut her out of the show and give Amy the lime light cause at least she is trying to have a happy ending to her journey.

    1. Amen fans you can’t help someone who want help in themselves. I just don’t see Tammy doing anything for Dr now he is a very strict Dr and he want put UP With Tammy’s attitude. She. Has met her match Chris and Michael is not able to push a truck around all day. I have no sympathy for Tammy no more. Put her in rehab and no body get her out. That’s the only way she will ever get any help. Chris Amy and Michael needs to focus on their life.. you can lead a horse to the water but you can’t make it drink lol

  3. Dr. Now won’t have anything to do with her because it would be a waste of time and money. SHe is disgusting and manipulative. He helps those who prove they care and work for it. She just keeps getting nastier and fatter.

  4. As a former morbidly obese woman, Tammy has to want to lose the weight. She won’t lose it until she changes her mindset and gets counseling. It won’t be easy. Surgery is a tool and it’s a lifestyle change, one that needs to be followed the rest of her life. She needs to realize that once she loses the weight, she will feel much better about everything. And she’ll finally attract a decent human being in her life. Her self esteem is very low and when one has low self esteem they take what they can get or feel that’s all they deserve. Tammy isn’t stupid, but she acts that way to cope. Life is what we make it. And if Tammy really wants a great life, she needs to put in the effort.

  5. Like I said last week.Tammy big ass is not trying to lose weight.That’s why she left that facility.You see every since she left that place that she has not tried to eat right,exercise or try to walk and the 1st thing she is thinking about is having sex.She probably can’t even wash her ass on her own,so you know her big ass smells.On top of that,why do Michael or Chris have to push her big ass.She should know how to use her big arms and move the wheels on that wheel chair like every body else does who are in a wheel chair.She is too big for somebody to keep pushing her big ass around.Those men are going to hurt themselves if they keep trying to push her big ass around and that won’t be good for Chris and his wife and Amy and Michael.They will probably have a damn heart attack with all that pressure in their chest if they keep pushing her around.Let her get her big ass up and walk or use her own arms to push herself around if she wants to go somewhere..She thinks she can talk to Amy any kind.Tammy is too damn selfish and she needs to lose weight and stop thinking about a damn man to lay up with

    1. Everything you said was spot on, no way in hell I’m pushing my wife’s 700 lb sister around, she better get a scooter or an electric wheelchair,but part of the blame goes to Michael for being a simp,he way to passive and quiet,and then Tammy..you gotta be a straight up viking to wanna hit that,Jerry and that other dude making the Brothas look real bad,smh

  6. Tammy cares for no one but herself. She is fat because she stuffs her face with everything she can.. Then wants people to push her fat ass around. Michael and Chris will be in a wheelchair soon if they don’t stop pushing her. Tammy wake the f— up put the blame where it belongs on you only. Dr.Now is no fool he knows and sees past Tammy’s bull crap.

  7. Tammy doesn’t want to lose weight if she did there would be no more 1,000lb. sisters. Tammy likes being famous and being waited on hand and foot while she bitches and screams at whoever she thinks isnt pulling their share of her burden. I mean after three seasons of your own national t.v. show and all the attention from fans all over the country i doubt she wants to go back to just being Only dixon ky. Famous.

  8. She is not serious about her life because they are people who are pushing her every wear she wants to go Amy and Michael have their own child they must stop to do things for her bring her here with me with a week she can loses more than she should be

  9. Amy needs to grow a pair and let Tammy go for it alone. I know they are family but she is killing them one at a time and has no regrets. I was appalled by the incident when she “charged” Amy to get her prescriptions filled because she was too busy making a video to be bothered. There have been quite a few that have left me discusted with Tammy. Until her family says “NO” she will keep it up. She is a pariah.

  10. Tammy doesn’t want to lose any weight. She loves getting all of the attention that she gets from her family, doctors, and other caretakers who coddle her and do everything for her. She is a mean, mouthy, selfish, ungrateful person who knows that if she loses weight she won’t get all of this constant attention anymore. Why do anything for herself when she can be a mouthy bully to Amy, Chris, and poor Michael who don’t deserve any of her crap. All that they want is for her to lose weight so that she can feel better and live a better life. Amy and Michael need to move far, far, away from her.

  11. Tammy is going to stay fat because she is lazy and she wants attention if I was in control of the show she would be written off the show unless she lost 200lbs she treats her sister like crap and her sister puts up with her let her do everything for herself and see how far she gets

  12. The reason Tammy treats her sister like shit is because she’s jealous of her, she’s jealous that her sister has a child, husband and she was able to lose weight,and start a family,Tammy on the other hand is the exact opposite,she has no of the things her sister has as far as a family and a man who loves her,that’s why she’s so miserable and why most her anger is directed towards Amy,the one that actually does the most for her, just look at the way she looks at her,she can’t stand amy,and I was her I wouldn’t trust Tammy being alone with that baby boy gage,she’s bitter and miserable and Amy Amy Michael need to stop being so passive and tell her to kick rick

  13. It is very difficult to watch the show anymore. Tammy is obese, dirty, nasty, mean, delusional and probably smelly. Her family and the show continue to allow her to treat her family and anyone who tries to help her with disrespect and ungratefullness. The poor therapist that Tammy went to see did not deserve the way Tammy treated her. Tammy shuts down like a snotty 2 year old anytime someone says something she doesn’t want to hear. And as far as their family vacation and the way she acted sitting in the van because her fat lazy ass didn’t want to walk up the ramp to the cabin was ridiculous. I have news for them, Tammy needs them they don’t need her juvenile behavior. They should let her sleep in the car and figure out how she is going to eat or go to the bathroom without their help. They must stop enabling her. She has to grow up. Newsflash Tammy you want to be treated with respect..maybe you should try being respectful and thankfull to others. You reap what you sow.

  14. Tammy is just a nasty person who wants people to pity her,she clearly doesn’t want to do the work but once the surgery,she has blamed everyone under the sun for her problems, the best thing her family can do is walk away and live their lives and then maybe she’ll appreciate her family more because she needs them and they don’t need her

  15. Her statement that her family ought to be glad that she not bed bound and they have to clean her after she has used the bathroom on herself, was a gross statement. But she said it to the right people (HER ENABLERS)… In my family once you have been given all the chances that she has been given with no change BY CHOICE. If she became bed bound and used the bathroom on herself, SHE WOULD SIT IN IT OR FIGURE IT OUT… and I would not care if she didn’t like it…
    Life’s full of choices and consequence… and she’s making them so why should everyone else have to deal with the consequences of her FREE WILL CHOICES…
    Deal with it… If she can lay up with a man, then she should be able to figure out how to self care…ijs

    1. She belongs in a hospital setting and keep her there don’t go get her out till she completes the weight loss program!

  16. She belongs in a hospital setting and keep her there don’t go get her out till she completes the weight loss program!

  17. I was so happy to see here that all the ppl feel the same way I do. She is so bad attitude etc. They should all walk away and let her learn to appreciate them. especially Amy and her hubby.

  18. Tammy Omg thats a big ass subject.Amy does need to get away from her and live her life. She treats Amy like shit. She would eat right if they didnt bring the damn junk food in that house. Also my husband wouldnt push her fat ass nowhere.She needs to walk what she needs is someone to smack her mouth when she smarts of. Amy Chris let her fin for herself one week she will beg you for help then her fat ass might respect yawl.love from Wva. Vicki

  19. Tammy have no interest in loosing weight.Her only interest is looking for men’s and eating.Amy bends over backwards for her and she treats her like nothing.Their whole vacation ,her concern was she wish Tammy was with us. Amy go on with your life and let her live what she call happiness. She is supplying her so call friends with liquor.As long as she’s buying, she will be the queen.Once the liquor is gone, I would hate to here what she’s call.The only friends she have is her family. Hopefully she will wake up soon and realize that ,before she drink or eat her self to death.

  20. I am sad that she is fighting everybody that is trying to help her; but I feel this is coming from a mindset that she can’t do it. Once someone is that large, weight and food management are much more complicated on a physical, mental, emotional, and even spiritual standpoint. I wonder, though, the motive of some people who watch this show.

  21. Her family are nothing but enablers and then they have the nerve to complain ! Ha I blame them as much as I blame her. Why should she get up and do anything as long as she has “slaves” to do it for her ?????

  22. I use to be fat 300lbs. I had a gastric bypass in 1980, I’m a 118 due to 6 back surgeries, now I’m trying to get back to 135. Tammy, doesn’t want to loose weight, never has.! Then if she did she would have to do for herself.!!! What she wants is everyone to do everything for her…… SHE IS JUST TOO DAMN LAZY.!!!!!!

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