Dr. Now Confirms Diet Plan Is In His Book: How To Buy It

Dr. Now book

The beloved doctor from TLC’s hit weight loss transformation show My 600-Lb Life has a way for everyone to learn insider information about what he tells his patients. Keep reading to find out how to diet like the stars on My 600-Lb Life. 

How to get Dr. Now’s book, The Scale Does Not Lie, People Do

Dr. Younan Nowzaradan takes to his Instagram to share a page from his book, The Scale Does Not Lie, People Do. To begin with, the title is more than fitting. Fans of My 600-Lb Life see Dr. Now get lied to time and time again. Ultimately, these people just sabotage their own weight loss goes. However, it is undoubtedly frustrating for medical professionals, like Dr. Now, who have their patient’s best interests at heart.

Consequently, Dr. Now’s Instagram post is in response to a question he frequently gets. Fans want to know “How can I get the Dr. Now Diet?” Luckily for them, the “diet plan” is in Dr. Now’s book. The book, The Scale Does Not Lie, People do is available on Amazon for $34.99.


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In his Instagram caption, Dr. Now explains some of what the book entails. “I explain weight gain, weight loss and the current obesity epidemic.” He even confirms that “This information is what [he] provides to patients.”  It’s no surprise that Dr. Now knows what he’s doing when it comes to helping his patients. The Amazon page for the book acknowledges that Dr. Now is well-known and has world-wide attention for “his ability to perform weight loss surgery safely on patients over 600-pounds.”

The beloved doctor gives a little insight into his weightloss process on Instagram

Additionally, the Instagram caption gives a brief outline of what Dr. Now asks his patients to do. It begins with a 1200 calorie restriction. Also, “They must follow pre-op guidelines, nutrition information and meal examples.” Furthermore, one of the keys to Dr. Now’s patient’s success is that he couples all of this with “check-ins to monitor his health.”

People interested in learning how to lose weight according to Dr. Now’s plan are going to have to get the book. In his Instagram caption, he tells followers about the acronym F.A.T. The page of his book in the photo defines the acronym. However, the only way to get the full explanation is to purchase the book.

Are you going to buy Dr. Now’s book? Let us know in the comment section below. Come back to TV Shows Ace for more Dr. Now and My 600-Lb Life news.

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  1. Dr.Now, should have called Tammy, out for using people! That is all she is doing. She used her sister as a door Matt. And she acts like a 2year old. Tammy, you’re eating more than you are telling your family and the doctors. And before you say more lies I had the surgery and I’m not blaming anyone else but my self. So grow up and get your life back, by doing the plan as put to you. Because if you die, oh well that’s your fault and NO ONE ELSE!!! Get off your ass and walk and stop eating candy an chips, cookies and the other crap! The reason you’re over weigh is YOU!

  2. Good morning,
    I live in Canada and I watch your show all the time, I wanted to order you book (The Scale Does Not Lie, People Do.: Reversing obesity now.) however it can’t be delivered in Ottawa where I am, can you tell me is there any other way to get the hard cover book, I can’t get it from amazon I need another option where to get it
    Thank you

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