Adam & Danielle Busby Spill Big Secret On A Strong Marriage

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OutDaughtered fans often wonder how Adam and Danielle Busby maintain a strong marriage with so many children. Fortunately, they’ve always been pretty open about how they make it work.

Fans know the Busby parents just returned from the family’s Spring Break vacation. All those kids probably don’t leave much down-time for the OutDaughtered parents. So, they made some time for themselves and went off on a date night. For once, nobody trolled on them for that. Over the years, TLC fans became used to the idea that keeping their relationship healthy then spills over into keeping the family happy.

Adam & Danielle Busby enjoy their date night after a Spring Break vacation

The quints and Blayke just enjoyed a mini-vacation at the Woodlands Resort in Texas. Conveniently close to League City, it proves that vacations don’t need to be thousands of miles away. Of course, the OutDaughtered parents posted up lots of photos and clips of their fun time away. The TLC family seemed very good about keeping fans informed about their activities off the show. Increasingly popular, hopefully, the show gets renewed for a long time.

This vacation brought some really cute photos from Adam & Danielle Busby. The quints met some turtles and it’s not clear who was more curious. Little lizard-whisperer Riley probably enjoyed them the most. But all that fun came to an end, so back home they went. There, the quints went off and played some soccer. Meanwhile, their mom and dad planned some time alone together. It helps keep them strong.

Adam & Danielle Busby quints soccer
Credit: Danielle Busby | Instagram

Danielle took to her Instagram later that day and shared a photo of herself with Adam. She said they planned a fun time for themselves. And fans reacted very well.

Keeping their marriage strong

Historically, if Adam & Danielle Busby went out for a date night, OutDaughtered fans hit their keyboards. Many of them would ask “Where are the kids?” As if they possibly locked them in a cupboard or something. And if they went away overnight together, much shock and horror went their way. However, over the years, the couple gave their standard reply: nurturing their own relationship makes them stronger. If they remain strong then it overflows and keeps the rest of the family happy as well.

In her post that revealed Adam & Danielle Busby going on their own date, many fans said that they see the couple as setting parenting goals. In her caption, she said, “It’s been a FUN Spring Break, but now it’s time for a Mama & Daddy break. “Lumber Jack” Datenight! Crawfish and Ax Throwing here we come!” Wow, that sounds like a lot of fun, fans agreed.

One fan said, “Getting time to date each other is so important and I could really use a lesson from you guys! Thanks for the reminder 😊.”

Adam & Danielle Busby Date Nights Keep Their Marriage Strong
Credit: dbusby | Instagram

What are your thoughts on the way Adam & Danielle Busby make sure to go on their own date nights? Do you agree it helps keep their marriage strong? Sound off your thoughts in the comments below.

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