Leah Messer Encourages Female Fans to Be More Than a Uterus

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Former Teen Mom cast member, Leah Messer, got a lot of love from Insta followers yesterday. The now 28-year-old celeb encouraged women to be more than a uterus. What sparked that comment? Read on to find out.

Leah Messer Poses a Question to Female Followers

Long time member of the 16 & Pregnant and Teen Mom franchise, Leah Messer, is using her platform to share some big ideas. The young mom-of-three made a post on Instagram yesterday. The post included a photo of Leah, her hair down, boldly staring down the camera. Flaunting her naturally thick brows and a rosy cheek, the reality star donned a blush pink power jumpsuit that definitely gave off the ‘I mean business’ vibe.

Accompanying her photo was a message to readers. She bluntly asks, “why is it that everyone is so concerned with a woman’s uterus?” The reality vet muses about why society seems to think every woman wants a long-term relationship and kids. She wonders why people assume that any single woman is lonely and incomplete until she completes a family circuit.

Leah Messer Instagram Post
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Leah Reminds Us That All Women Are Different.

Messer points out that not all women dream about having a family. In fact, she says, some women ‘just want their space to discover themselves.’ She emphasizes to readers that all women are different. She explains that some want careers, some want to cook and some just need time to figure that out for themselves — and we as a society shouldn’t be pushing them into a decision either way.

Telling Society To ‘F’ Off

Leah’s post concluded with a very important message for her female fans. “Boss up ladies, get that degree, open that business, turn down the proposal, leave the toxic relationship,” she says. She tells her fellow females to live their lives by their own time-tables and to do what genuinely makes them happy. She emphasizes that women should not be factoring in society’s accepted norms when making decisions about their lives. “Just live a life your proud of,” she concludes, “ILY.”

Leah Messer Knows About Societal Judgement

After being in the spotlight for ten years as a part of the MTV reality franchise Teen Mom, Leah Messer knows about judgment. Some of this young mother’s biggest failures and missteps were put on a screen for the whole world to see. According to The Sun, a botched spinal tap led to a several-year struggle with pain meds and heroin. The celeb experienced a hard downward spiral while the world watched on for entertainment.

Now, the mom of three beautiful daughters, Messer is celebrating more than 5 years of sobriety. She knows that women can rise up to have the life they want – despite their past or what roles society might naturally place them in. Leah left the show back in November of 2020 after a decade in the spotlight. Despite missing her storyline -long-time fans are thrilled to see a healthy, confident Leah who lives her truth and encourages others to do the same.

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