‘Married at First Sight’ Amani Wins Big With Woody

Amani and Woody

The little things in marriage matter. At least to Amani. The Season 11 fan favorites are breaking the record for being the cutest MAFS couple on Instagram. Amani celebrates her “win” with Woody on Instagram. In a photo on Instagram, Amani poses in the New Orleans Botanical Garden after her date with Woody. In her Instagram post, Amani brags on the man who keeps her happy and in love, “I won yesterday (and every day) because I’m so easily pleased with the little things AND my hubby loves to do those little things with me. It’s so deep.”

Amani’s Spontaneous Date With Woody

You can practically hear Amani’s giddiness as she brags to fans on Instagram, “Yesterday morning, Woody went on his normal Saturday store run for champagne and flowers. He then made us breakfast as I folded laundry. Saturday morning mimosas are always followed up with house chores at the Randall Way home.”

Woody then proposes a spontaneous date which had Amani feeling like she “won the lottery”. Although Amani claims that Woody didn’t give her enough time to get ready. She is clearly glowing in her Instagram picture. And from her caption, she had an amazing time, “At the Botanical Garden, we saw beautiful greenery everywhere and even some of the veggies we are growing in our tower garden. It was nice seeing their vegetables fully grown and imagining what ours will be like soon.”

We love to see this couple win. Husbands take notes. The little things matter. And breaking from the Saturday routine doesn’t hurt. Just ask Amani. Woody really gets her vibes.

Credit: Instagram
Credit: Instagram

Amani and Woody Are Couple Goals on Youtube

Married at First Sight Amani and Woody are a forever couple. The power couple continues to thrive even off-camera. Well, technically not really off camera. Amani and Woody have a successful Youtube channel where they have shown off videos of them spending time together in different ways.

A couple of weeks ago, Amani and Woody prove that they are masters in the kitchen, with their “Cooking With Bae” video on Youtube. Not only are they incredible partners in marriage. But their chemistry makes them even better partners in the kitchen!  Recently Amani stunts her thrifty skills in a video titled, “Thrifting Haul with Amani.” In the video, Amani goes thrift shopping and tries on outfits for her hubby. In the video, Woody tries to guess how much the outfits are. Spoiler alert: Amani makes five banger outfits all for under 70 dollars!

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