Is Robyn Brown Financially Independent Of Kody?

Robyn Brown Sister Wives

Robyn Brown doesn’t appear to plug LuLaRoe like Christine and Meri. So, that raises the question of her finances. Kody always wails about how broke he is. And fans saw him stressing after they moved from Las Vegas. He paid a lot of money for rentals, houses, and the Coyote properties. But the problems arose when the Las Vegas homes sold rather slower than anticipated. Soon the wives branched out into other ventures. Except for Robyn.

Robyn Brown ran her own business, did that do well financially?

Sister Wives stars Janelle, Meri, Robyn, Christine, and Kody Brown started “My Sister Wife’s Closet” years ago. In January 2020, a notice on the site said that it’s closed for the time being. Rather more Robyn’s project than the others, it seemed that the idea died when they moved to Arizona. Offering some clothing but mostly jewelry, many fans didn’t like the style. But it looks like it closed down for good. Now going on two years since the page put up a hiatus notice, nothing seems to be going on with it.

So, Robyn Brown earns nothing from that at the moment. Plus, she also very seldom goes on social media these days, it seems unlikely that Kody’s fourth wife actually earns from promos. Meanwhile, fans saw about three years ago, that Meri Brown started her own BNB with her mom running it, But Robyn’s not involved in that. Meaww reminds fans that the Brown family wrote their book, Becoming Sister Wives: The Story of an Unconventional Marriage. That became a bestseller, so Robyn probably still earns something from it.

What is the net worth of Kody’s only official wife?

The Cinemaholic checked out the net worth of Kody Brown. And, he’s technically not broke. In fact, the net worth of Kody sits at around $1 million. But a lot of his money’s tied up in the properties around Flagstaff. So, he sometimes runs into a cash-flow issue. Meanwhile, Robyn Brown also features on the title deeds of those properties. And that increased her net worth. But the land might not be convertible to cash for her. And as cash flow’s already a problem, she might not be financially independent of Kody in that area.

Robyn Brown Financially Independent Of Kody
Credit: @thetomlovegroup via Robyn Brown | Instagram

All the adults in the family earn seasonally from TLC. But the network lowered its payments to the family after ratings fell. So, it looks like Robyn Brown mainly gets by on her share of the book sales and the episodes of Sister Wives. It looks like her property assets merely ride coattail with Kody. So, probably, she’s not all that financially secure at the moment. And her actual financial independence might still depend on Kody and the show more than anything else.

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