Audrey Roloff Gushes Over ‘Precious’ Daughter Ember

Audrey Roloff

Audrey Roloff and her husband Jeremy seem very family-focused and engaged with Ember. These days, that also extends to her little brother Bode. Clearly, Ember brings her mom a lot of pride and joy judging by her latest Instagram post. The Little People Big World alum gushed about her “precious” daughter. And she described her many positive personality traits.

Audrey Roloff shares some cute photos of her “precious” daughter Ember

TLC fans still follow Audrey closely, even though she no longer stars in the Little People, Big World show. They see a lot about the family outings, the kids, and her promos for the books they produce. In January, they saw her talking about her book Creative Love. Jeremy and Audrey put it together last year. And it’s all about helping people seek creative love. She said that it teaches people to have more meaningful conversations. And in her photos, she revealed that it’s kid-friendly. Both Bode and Ember “read” through it.

Fans know that Audrey Roloff’s very creative, and it seems that she passed that on to her daughter Ember. In her post on Thursday, March 4, the mom of two talked about her daughter being “precious” and “firey,” and more.  She shared three pictures of her little girl. In them, Ember wore a red and white frock with a lace-edged collar, white leggings, and high boots. And, she looked very sweet with her hair swept up on the sides and clipped in place. Many fans adored the photos.

Gushing about the little girl

The photos also revealed that Audrey Roloff loves that Ember goes to the henhouse with her dad and collects the fresh eggs. Still quite small, Ember stood on top of something to help her reach the eggs. In her caption, Audrey gushed, “New favorite picture of my beautiful, firey, creative, determined, hilarious compassionate, imaginative, talkative, excitable, and precious girl.” Then, she talked about the egg collection.

Plus, Audrey Roloff credited her husband Jeremy for taking the photos. Naturally, Little People, Big World fans flocked along and commented on the post. One of them said the photos made them think of “the little house on the prairie.”

Meanwhile, fans seemed divided over whether Ember takes after her mom or her dad in looks. Some called her Audrey’s “mini-me,” while others said they also see Jeremy in her.

Other fans talked about how “precious” Ember looks. One said, “She looks so precious!”And others loved her adorable little outfit. One fan gushed, “Oh my, the legs crossed with cowboy boots.” Like her mom Audrey Roloff, it seems that Ember always dresses nicely. Even if she just goes down to the henhouse to collect some fresh eggs from the hens.

Audrey Roloff Gushes Over Her Precious Daughter Ember
Credit: Jeremy Roloff via Audrey Roloff | Instagram

What do you think of Ember looking so cute in the photos that her mom shared? Sound off your thoughts in the comments below.

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